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How do you take video from cell phone to computer?


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If you have texting, you can send a video message to your email address.


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Yes you can. Ground them, take the cell phone, remove the computer, but if you say you are going to do something do it.

Cell Phone will not take good Video because of its low resolution. Read more at You can currently get several cellphones which will take HD (720p) video. The Samsung Instinct HD is the most notable of these, but it's hardly affordable at around 400$ being the best deal. It's also one of the best phones you can buy.

Usually your phone comes with a cord that hooks up to the computer, but if you do not have that cord you can't do this. However, if your phone has internet you can log on to Facebook/Bebo/Myspace etc and upload pictures onto there and then go onto a computer and take the picture and upload them onto your computer.

Take it to you cell phone company

snap shot it and paste it on there. lol apple wouldnt allowed you too

You can go to and print a free mailing slip and send your cell phone in that way, or you can go to a local drop off zone in your area. Stores like Staples often take old cell phone and computers too.

Both phones can make calls, and with some house phones you can see the history of the people you've called, like a cell phone. But you can't text, take pictures or video, play games, and get internet on a home phone, and you usually can on a cell phone.

There are theories that it is possible that rice can take water out of the cell phone.. I tried and it did, but not all..

It just take a few steps to track your cell phone. First you need to load tracking software into your phone. Next,install a GPS tracker in your phone. Third, load tracker software into your personal computer. LAst, activate your tracking software.

Yes, you are able to take your cell phone on a plane. But you may not turn on your cell phone during flight. Some phones have a flight mode which is able to be enabled during the flight.

Yes the HUAWEI PINNACLE has a video camera you can take video up to 35 minutes the phone is great

You have to have a USB chord and you connect it to your computer, and your computer will take it from there.

It is a cell phone charger that you can take with you. A cell phone charger is what you use to keep your battery from dying. You will need to charge your phone once a week or so.

You can change your video card by following these steps: choose a new video card that works with your computer. Then uninstall the old video card from you computer. Then take the new video card and stick it into your computer. Install the new drivers and you are done!

If you do it while the phone is on... you might lose some stuff, but if you power it off correctly first you shouldn't lose any information. It works the same basic way as a video game system with memory cards, or a computer with flash drives.

Oh that's easy! You bring a camera that can take pictures and video, buy memory cards and batteries, oh and if you have a cell phone bring that to!

ANSWER:Sorry afraid not, but don't take my words for it, ask someone who is smart on gadget like cell phone or computer. Those people might help you.

firstly, open the backside of your phone then take the battery by pressing one side up and then take it from your phone.....

There are three 4 possible ways to transfer pictures from your cell phone to a PC: 1) Connect your cell phone to your PC via bluetooth link, but for that your PC must have bluetooth. 2) Connect you cell via infrared with your PC, but for that too you should have infrared device in your PC 3) If you don't have to get bluetooth and infrared installed in your PC, connect you cell phone via data cable, which comes with the handset, and plug it into your PC via USB port, and then scan your cell phone from computer and copy pictures. 4) If your pictures are present in the memory card of your cell phone, take out your memory card and plug it into your PC.

you take the video files and put them on the computer. upload them from your computer

Technically no. Because your parents didn't buy the cell phone for you, they have no legal right to take it away from you.

Well u have to take your boyfriends phone and check the call reject list

Take a picture with your cell phone.

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