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Just ask your mom what she would feel about it then after that if she says no accept her answer and respect it

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โˆ™ 2008-01-29 18:18:33
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Q: How do you talk to your mom about dating?
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My mom is 36 and i am 15 when my mom was 13 she was raped. so i started dating this guy and i really like him but i found out that his dad is the one that raped my mom what do i do please help?

im sorry but i dont think its a coincidence that you are dating him. i really think you should talk to the guy youre dating and be straight up with him. but before you do that, talk to your mom and ask for her input. chances are, she will have alot to say. hope i helped!

I need to find your mom a new husband who shares her same values how do i go about doing this?

Does your mom you want to do this? If so, try online dating websites. If not, you should probably talk to your mom before going about this.

How do you talk to your mom about bra shopping?

Well you tell your Mom. "Mom can I talk to you?" and if your not alone then you talk to her in a private place. And talk to her about it. I know it might seem hard but it's not.

I am 14 how do I tell my mom I am dating someone who has criminal record does drug's does illegal things and I have done lots of the illegal stuff with him?

You should just sit your mom down and talk to her the way you would about anything else if you need to tell her about dating someone who has a criminal record.

How do you tell your parents that your dating and you have a boyfriend?

*Come home* You: Mom i need to talk to you.... Mom:Whats on ur mind? You: Promise not to freak out!? Mom:Okay! You: I have a boyfriend.....

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no he is dating your mom

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What to talk about with your boyfriends mom?

People usually like to talk about themselves. You can ask what she likes to do.. How long she has been married.... Depends upon how long you have been dating really. If she is very domestic you could talk about food, perhaps what she enjoys cooking.

What if your friend told your mom who you liked but your mom thinks you are dating him what should you do?

Tell her the truth. That you just like him and you're not dating him. Easy as that.

What should you and your mom talk about while bra shopping cause my mom and i are next week but i dont know what to talk about?

Ask your mom.

You are a thirteen year old girl dating a sixteen year old boy what do you do when you want sex?

PLEASE DONT! You are too young, just talk to your mom.

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How do you hold a guys hand while his mom is watching?

More importantly, is his mom supporting him to go out on a date with you? Is his mom not supporting your relationship? It depends on that. If she is supporting him, then you should just let her watch and hold hands. If she is not, then try to talk his mom out on why you guys should be dating and that you both really love each other.

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How do you tell your mom you want to start dating if she is your foster mom What if its really acquired if you are not so close?

you ask her about her about her dating life, then ask if you could date.

What do you do when your mom hates who your dating?

you stay away from the person your mom hates the guy your dating because he might be bad or treats you like a bad person.

How do you know if your mom is dating someone?

You could try asking her. Don't snoop around in her stuff or try to search her cell phone to find out, rather just talk to her.

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