How do you tear baseboard out to repair or should you just sand it down to look new?

Repairing Baseboard

Starting at one end, very carefully pry baseboard away from wall just a little at a time working all the way to the other end.You may have to go back and do this several times to get it far enough away from the wall. After you get it about 3/4" to 1" from the wall put a 3/4" X 12"X 12" piece of plywood against the wall and pry against it, this will protect the wall from damage. When you get the baseboard off pull the nails out from the back side. If you try to remove the nails by pounding them through the face it will chip your baseboard. Once you have the nails out your free to strip or sand them down and refinish. I would suggest a good quality paint stripper that way you don't sand out to much of the wood. NOTE: Be carefull with the strippers as they are very toxic while wet. Please read the directions and wear protective eyewear and gloves.