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AnswerDon't tell him before he leaves. The problem with LDS missionaries is that they are working for their church and not suppose to think about women. Telling him might keep him from focusing on the last part of his mission which would be unfair to him, your church, and the people he might be teaching. What you should do is ask if you could write him when he goes home, then get his home address. When he has left for home, write him that letter and confess your feelings. He can actually respond like a man (rather than a missionary) once he is officially off his mission.

Take it from a guy who knows and was on a mission once. He doesn't want to know what girls like him right before he goes home. And missionaries ARE different than other regular people. Missionaries are suppose to stay focused on work for their church right to the last minute, not thinking about a girl. Wait until he is home or you may get a cold response (the standard missionary response). If you write, call each other and end up liking each other, long distance relationships do work out - take it from someone who also knows.

AnswerI still say tell him. There is no reason he may not welcome this information from you and I can't see where it would cause him any problems with his work abilities. Many missionaries are married and work as a couple. And I've never seen one stray from what they believe in; they go the distance without missing a beat.

God gave us love and to put a muzzle on telling someone you love them is simply not right. Sometimes when things get tough for us it's wonderful to know love can keep a person going. During all wars, many of the men (and sometimes women) kept going when they felt so low because they wanted to fight and survive for the one they loved. Missionary work is about love and by not telling this young man how you feel then it doesn't make any sense at all.

Mormons are no different than anyone else. Because of your religious beliefs it's all the more reason you are honest and speak from the heart to this person. NEVER live with "what ifs". Even if this person doesn't feel the same about you NEVER fear rejection, but be proud of yourself for being honest and giving it a chance. Too often us humans suppress our feelings and regret never telling someone we care about how we feel.

AnswerActually, I think both respondents are correct. You shouldn't tell him right away, but you should tell him. As a Mormon who served a mission, I can tell you how hard you have to concentrate and the rules you have to follow while on your mission... *including* no fraternizing with members of the opposite sex. Get his address and ask if you can write to him. Then, when he gets transferred, you can write and tell him how you feel.

Of course it is important to express our feelings, and to offer love to others. Just, because of the rules of the mission, you don't want the guy to get in trouble either. ... so, wait, and then tell him after he moves to another area. If he likes you, he will write to you, and there are a lot of missionaries who eventually do marry people they met during their missions. Just remember... one kiss and he could get kicked off the mission. That is why it is much, much nicer to the missionary to tell him after he leaves the area.

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Q: How do you tell a Mormon missionary that you are in love with him before he leaves?
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Am I in love with a Mormon missionary?

It's possible, although it's more likely that you have a crush. Unfortunately, Mormon missionaries are not allowed to date or even be alone with someone other than their assigned missionary companion. So if you are in love with a Mormon Missionary, you'll have to wait until his/her mission is over to do anything about it.

Should you tell your Mormon missionary you are in love with him before he gets transferred to another area?

No. You should not be romantically involved with a Mormon missionary. Period. He is on his mission to serve God, and not to be out dating or flirting with women on his mission. Wait until he is done with his mission if you have feelings for him.

Im hispanic and you think im falling in love with a Mormon missionary?

I don't know what being hispanic has to do with anything, but it is no use in falling in love with a Mormon Missionary. They have devoted this portion of their lives to serving Jesus Christ and teaching the Gospel, therefore they avoid relationships and romance of all kinds. Also, being baptized will be no way to impress him/her. Keep this in mind and only accept baptism if you believe in the Church, not because you love the missionary who is teaching you.

Can i express my affection to a female Mormon missionary that i know i thruly love?

No, not while she is serving her mission. She needs to be free from any distractions, plus mission rules do not allow a missionary, male or female, to engage in romantic physical contact with anyone.

Can i tell a Mormon Missionary that i love her?

You can, but it would be best if you waited until after she has completed her missionary service. Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are prohibited from having any romantic relationships during their service. Telling her your feelings now would likely just make things very awkward, as well as distract her from her work.

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I am a gay guy and I am in love with a Mormon missionary I like the things he says but I don't know If i like what he is saying or if it just because I am in love with him?

First of all, it doesn't matter if you are attracted to a Mormon Missionary or not because he is most likely not gay, and if he were, he would have to live a celibate lifestyle in order to remain a member of the Church. Also, missionaries are not allowed to date or have any sort of romantic relationship. If you are trying to decide if you are really interested in the Church and it's teachings, or if you just like it because he is telling you about it, there are several things you can do. My first suggestion would be to pray. God knows all things, and He will let you know if the Church is really true or not. Sincerely ask Him for help in the matter, and you will receive it! If the Church is true, then you are obviously attracted to the Church, not just the missionary. Second, you could continue studying about the Church until this missionary is transferred to another city, and see if you are still interested in the Church when another missionary is teaching you.

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