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At this point you don't tell her. If she's not dating on a steady basis, then don't miss this chance to ask her out. Don't live your life on second-guessing or "what ifs."

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I love my best friend's boyfriend.... help?

Woah! Do not do this! She is your best friend! i think its better if you tried going out with someone else! Else i am afraid you might lose your best friend...

What should you do if the guy you like is with someone else?

You should just wait it out! They can't be together forever and if you think they might stay together forever just get over him ask a friend to set you up with someone else that might help.

How do you get this guy if he is dating someone else?

act like a good friend and he might fall for you

What do you do when you think your in love with your best friend but you are dating someone else?

dating a best friend works every time

Who is considered a true friend?

I think a true friend is someone who wants to hang out with you a lot. A true friend is someone you could tell anything you wouldn't tell to someone else. A true friend keeps your deepest secrets.

Does Miley Cyrus have an ooVoo account?

I Think She Does But If She Does Not She Does Not And Someone Else Has My Friend Request Please Miley Get My Friend Request Answer Prayers!

What is the term for to say the opposite of what someone else has said?

I think it might be contradict

I went out with my friend once and it didn't work out now am going out with someone else but all i can think about it my other friend what should i do?

Are you sure that you don't still have feelings for your friend or is just that you miss how close you are? i think you need to decide because its not fair on your new boyfriend/girlfriend if you have feelings for someone else.

Is Kamaya pretty?

Everyone has a different opinion on who they think is pretty or not. Someone might think someone is really pretty whilst someone else could think the opposite. There is no right or wrong answer.

How can you win back the heart of a guy who is starting to think of you as just a friend?

you can't if he likes someone else

How do you get over a guy you really like how is going out with your best friend?

start liking someone else the boy might get jealous and ask you out but then you have to deal with your friend

Why do friends think that your a trader?

Sometimes friends are sensitive when your hanging out with someone else, especially when your dating someone. And the more and more you hang out with that someone, your friend starts go get mad and stops being your friend.

Are daisies beautiful?

well i may think that daisies are beutiful but someone else might think they are the ugliest flower ever. someone or something that is beutiful is an opion.

What do you do when you like someone your friend is dating?

Like someone else.

What does mutal friend mean on facebook?

The person or persons you and the other have in common. Think about a 'mutual friend' as a 'dot connector' which ties you and someone else together.

What does it mean if your friend tells you that your new bf is pity dating you what do you do?

* A) It means that the boy is dating you because no-one else will.... i.e. he's doing it out of pity. * B) It means that your friend is not your friend! No friend would say that to someone they really liked! * C) What do you do? Do you think it might be true - if it might be, then the boy has been speaking unkindly of you and your friend heard of this. (She still should have kept it to herself.) If you think it might be true then ditch the guy - do it nicely, but publicly so that he can't say 'he' dumped 'you'. ** If you think it is not true then tell the boy, and see what he says.

What to do if you like someone else and this guy asks you out?

Tell him nicely that your sorry but you like someone else, my friend was asked out by a boy when she liked someone else and she kept them hanging for ages and in the end lost him as a friend completely

What type of bridge is Auckland harbor bridge?

we think it is a cable bridge but someone else might know

How do you get over the fact that your best friend is ignoring you?

it just means that your best friend needs some time to think about what ever happened between you or someone else.

What should you do your best friend goes with some one else?

because your friend has found someone else who they like.

How do you get over an ex-girlfriend?

Hook up with someone else. Think clearly about who she is and why you liked her, there are millions of people who possess the same traits. You'll find someone else.get a new girl friend

Why do you get 2 of the same emails?

1 might be off 1one person another might be from someone else like your friend or a company that sent you two e-mails!

Who was appointed the commander of the union army after bull run?

I think it was Stonewall Jackson you might get a better answer from someone else.

Who is the god of air in Norse?

i think its Thor but it might be someone else i'm not too sure though i should no this

Your best friend is dating a guy but you think you might be falling in love with him what should you do?

If you do not want to lose your best friend then stay away from him and find someone else. i know this is in the wrong section but it is hard to stay away from him when she brings him along every time we hang out together