How do you tell a guy you like them?

Do exactly that. Tell the guy you are attracted to him.

I would talk to him and become good friends with him. Then i would talk to him about personal things, so that he would trust me. Then i would tell him my feelings about him.

I would get a friend to walk with you and the guy you like and have them say "Sooo... Who do you like,(whatever your name is)?" or something like that, get them to bring up the subject, and then say, "well... I like(whatever the guys name is)", or look toward the guy that you like and say, "well... I like you" Just try not to overwhelm the guy or embarrass him in front of his guy friends.

If you have got them on msn, just have your normal conversation which for most people starts with wuu2?, well when he asks you that just say talking to the person i like, and he will ask you if he curious, and just say....its you and it could go a good way or he could say thanks for letting me know, it worked for me