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How do you tell a guy you like them?


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Do exactly that. Tell the guy you are attracted to him.

I would talk to him and become good friends with him. Then i would talk to him about personal things, so that he would trust me. Then i would tell him my feelings about him.

I would get a friend to walk with you and the guy you like and have them say "Sooo... Who do you like,(whatever your name is)?" or something like that, get them to bring up the subject, and then say, "well... I like(whatever the guys name is)", or look toward the guy that you like and say, "well... I like you" Just try not to overwhelm the guy or embarrass him in front of his guy friends.

If you have got them on msn, just have your normal conversation which for most people starts with wuu2?, well when he asks you that just say talking to the person i like, and he will ask you if he curious, and just say....its you and it could go a good way or he could say thanks for letting me know, it worked for me


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Answer You can always tell the guy you like him, he will probably be amazed.

tell him you like but when your alone

you can tell if they seem to look like they dont really like the guy

you either tell him who you like or give him some cash.

I tell her the guys name and I say I like him

I will tell him to stop,or i will like him back

I tell him that the guy I'm about to kiss is the guy who behaves and looks like you.

You can tell the guy you like him, but you can't tell anyone or nobody can't see a part of love

After you bond with the guy you like, once you have done that then make your move.

you tell them there a really nice guy but you dont really like them

I'd have one of my friends ask him. And if he said yeah and was serious about it then I'd have her or him tell the guy that I like him.

sit down with her and just talk and get to a subject where you bring up what she like in a guy and you tell her what you like in a girl and when she finish tell her you are that guy and ask her.

You have to have the guts to tell the guy you like him,or try to look hot (ex.latest trend).If you like the guy ask him out on a date.

tell him u do NT like this guy like that. that u guys ar ejust friends and nothing else

Answer him honestly. Do you like him? If so then tell him, if you don't, tell him honestly.

If a guy is two or 3 years older than you, you tell him you like him by saying, "I like you."

Maybe try get close to that guy and when you feel like you two are close enough then tell him? Goodluck! c:

yes i told the guy i did and we so clicked

If you don't tell him, he has no chance to respond. But, nobody here knows you or him, so it has to be your decision.

You can tell if a guy likes you or if you like him a lot if you often spend time with each other.

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