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Well try becoming his best friend do things he likes w/ him and act cute but even if you don't have to have a pretty face (if he thinks your ugly DO NOT even try to ask him he is a selfish pig who only cares for skinny beautiful cheerleaders) it doesn't matter if your pretty or not as long as your personality is kind he will like that and soon he might go through some thing bad try comforting him (by doing this he will realise that your going to be there for him) and when you can tell he likes you (Google the signs) ask him "Do you like me?" if he says "how so as in like = friend or like like = love" say"like like" if he says no then don't bother hes just 1 GUY there are others if he says yes please feel free to thank me 4 the advice :D GOOD LUCK

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How do you tell your girlfriend you want to her sister?

You dont.

How do you tell your girlfriend you want to have?

Have what ? sex? a baby?

What should you do if you messed around with your ex and he has a girlfriend?

If you didn't know he had a girlfriend tell him off. Why would he want to fool around with you if he already has a girlfriend. Also you might want to tell the girlfriend , she has a right to know what her boyfriend has been doing.

Does Matt lanter has a girlfriend?

I know you do not want that Matt Lanter has a girlfriend, OK, tell you, this handsome guy does not have a girlfriend.

How do you tell your girlfriend you don't want to be with her anymore after a year and 5 months?

Be honest and tell her how you really feel. It is not fair to string people along.The best thing to do is to tell your girlfriend to her face that you no longer want to be with her.

What can you tell your girlfriend this morning?

That you love her and want to catch up with her.

How do you tell your girlfriend she has bad breath?

If you want this to last.. you dont

When do you tell your girlfriend that you love her?

You tell your girlfriend that you love her whenever you want, or she wants, put keep in mind that if you say it too much, she'll maybe think that you want to hide something.

Can i talk to joe's girlfriend?

Please tell me whos joes girlfriend we all want to find out today

How do you tell your girlfriend that you want to make her pregnant?

Maybe ask her to marry you and say you want a family. that is if you want

You want to take your girlfriend to the movies how do you tell your parents?

Just tell them. There is nothing wrong with taking your girlfriend to the movies, unless you have REALLY strict parents.

Who should you tell that im bi first?

You do not have to tell anyone if you don't want to. If you are happy and enjoying who you are then why tell people. Then again if you want to tell someone then tell your girlfriend or boyfriend for starters.

How do you tell you girlfriend you want break up with her?

i sorry we cannot be friend

Why would your girlfriend tell you to lick the insides of her sweaty flats?

My girlfriend would not tell me to do that. If yours would, then perhaps you should ask her why. Or perhaps you should reconsider how much you really want her as a girlfriend.

How can you tell if your girlfriend doesn't want to be with you?

You already know she doesn't want to be with you my friend or you wouldn't have to ask.

Why would your ex not want his girlfriend to be your friend?

Because he is afraid you will tell his current girlfriend some unflattering things about him.

Does your girlfriend lies to you?

not all girlfriends lie to their partner. but, some do. tell your girlfriend that you want your relationship to be completley honest.

What should you do if you want a girlfriend?

YOu need to impress her. Show her your talents. tell her about yourself. And tell her She is your life and your soul

A really sexy thing to say to your girlfriend?

Well, my girlfriend is, but yours on the other hand is not. Sorry but you might want to tell her. If you tell her it`ll make her feel good.

What do you do if you want someone to be your girlfriend?

U shouldnt be afraid and tell her that you like her and ask her out or ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend but get to now her first

How do you be the perfrect girlfriend?

Make a sandwich.... There is no 'perfect girlfriend'. Everyone has different ideas about what they want from a girl. If you have a partner, the best thing you can do is ask them. No one can tell you how to be a perfect girlfriend other than the person you are with / want to be with

You want to kiss your girlfriend but how do you tell her?

You ask her how she feels about you and then you decide if it is a good idea.

What do you have to do to prove to your girlfriend that you want her back?

just tell her you screwed up and talk

Why did your girlfriend not tell you what hospital your daughter was born at so I could be there?

She didn't want you there.

Your girlfriend expects you to marry her but you want to do that?

tell her if you can handle the pain you will see in her eyes