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How do you tell him you want to be his girlfriend?


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January 29, 2012 6:56AM

Well try becoming his best friend do things he likes w/ him and act cute but even if you don't have to have a pretty face (if he thinks your ugly DO NOT even try to ask him he is a selfish pig who only cares for skinny beautiful cheerleaders) it doesn't matter if your pretty or not as long as your personality is kind he will like that and soon he might go through some thing bad try comforting him (by doing this he will realise that your going to be there for him) and when you can tell he likes you (google the signs) ask him "Do you like me?" if he says "how so as in like = friend or like like = love" say"like like" if he says no then don't bother hes just 1 GUY there are others if he says yes please feel free to thank me 4 the advice :D GOOD LUCK