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He doesnt call or come over like he says he will. Your feelings and opinions dont mean anything to him anymore. All the "other" things in his life are more important. He doesnt listen to what you have to say. He tells you. Sorry.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-20 11:35:52
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Q: How do you tell if he is over you?
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How can you tell if its over?

You can tell when it's over when you find your boyfriend flriting with other girls. You can also tell when it's over when you to don't have fellings for each other.

How do you tell him i like him?

Just tell him... get over it boobface

What do you do my girlfreaind cheated on you?

you tell her that it is over or if you still love her tell her you will give her another chance but if she cheats on you again then tell her that you are done playing games and that it is over.

How do you tell he or she if you like them?

Just tell them, and get that awkward moment over with!

How can you tell a relationship is over?

== ==

How can you tell if your over your ex?

* * *

How do you tell your bf its over?

tell him to go to the doctor and tell him whats going on and then ask for a taco(:

How do you know if someone is over you?

If they tell you they are...

What does slope tell you?

Rise over run or y over x.

How do you tell if you over cook a cheesecake?

If it has cracks on the top it is over cooked.

I am in love with a guy who made out with me at halloween while in a steady relationship with a classmate. Its over between them after what happened what do i do help?

tell the girl to get over it. tell the guy that if it is over you are single.

How do you talk to your mom about puberty?

You just go up to her and say this," Can you tell me about peuberty, now before you tell me, tell me quick and get it over with." And that's it. That's all their is to it, before you know it you get it over with.

How do you tell if your obsessed?

if you do something over, and over, and over and you don't fell like you can stop it ,then you are obsessed

How do you tell your friend to get over a guy she likes?

if she was really your friend and she really liked this person why would you tell her to get over it? and if you really insist to tell her to get over have a little chat with her tell her why you think its best for her to end it and try to understand her and if she says no well let it be and give her time...she might come to her senses

How do i tell my boyfriend it's over?

Say it like you mean it or look at him in a honest serious way how to tell him that it's over ok got it

How do you prove you are over someone over the phone?

If you are over them and not with them anymore you really have nothing to prove. If you feel for some reason you have to tell them something just simply tell them whether they believe it or not it is over and you have no underlying feelings left for them.

How do you make him realize that you wont run after him anymore?

tell him all about what your feeling now if he continues to boast about previous feelings look him in the eyes and tell him "I'm over you now you need to get over youself" tell him all about what your feeling now if he continues to boast about previous feelings look him in the eyes and tell him "I'm over you now you need to get over youself"

How do you tell a girl you like her over the phone?

You don't. You see her in person and you tell her you like her.

Do earthquakes happen all over the world?

it is hard to tell but when i find out ill tell you

How can you tell your girlfriend over facebook that you really miss her?

just plain out tell her that you miss her

How can you tell when your boyfriend is running all over you?

you have his foot prints over your back!

How do you tell if its over?

be totally honest to yourself

How do you tell whether 60 over 12?


How do you get your boyfriend to get over his ex?

tell him the stuff she had messed up on with him, and tell him it wasnt supposed to work out and that he is with u now. And if he still doesnt get over her, dump him.

How can you tell a guy you like him over Internet?

Tell him that you find him cute and all. Send some kissing smiley. Then propose him over the Internet. He will be flattered.