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How do you tell if you have an ear infection?

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Pain in the center of the ear, a high pitch ringing, and hardness of hearing.

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How can I tell if my six month old baby has an ear infection?

You can tell that your six month old has an ear infection if he/she is restless, crying inconsolably and touching his/ her ear, due to the pain. You should probably call your pediatrician just to be on the safe side.

What are ears infections?

An ear infection is when you get an infection in your ear.

Can you swim with an ear infection?

Yes, you can swim with and ear infection.

How do you tell my shih tzu has an ear infection?

If there is any discharge or foul odor coming from your dogs ears, then it has an ear infection. If you see clumps of brown or black, your dog may have ear mites. Check with your vet to be sure.

How do you get rid of a ear infection with a home remedy?

how to get rid of ear infection

Can a single ear infection turn into a double ear infection?

yes. it's called bilateral infection.

Ear and jaw pain?

Ear and jaw pain can be associated with many ailments. There may be a tooth infection, ear infection, salivary gland infection, or lymph node infection.

How to treat ear infection?

An ear infection is usually treated with a course of antibiotics and ear drops. A doctor will be able to treat the infection by writing a prescription.

Fluid in outer ear?

Fluid in the outer ear is usually a sign of in ear infection. An ear infection can be caused by bacteria and fluid sometimes leaks out of the ear.

Can you use ketoconazole cream inside your ear for ear fungal infection?

Can you use ketoconazole cream inside your ear for ear fungal infection?

What is the scientific name for ear infection?

The name of an ear infection (otitis) depends on its location:Outer ear: otitis externa - this is usually a fungal infectionMiddle ear: otitis media - this is usually a bacterial infectionInner ear: otitis interna - aka labyrinthitis

What is the medical term meaning fungal infection of the ear?

Otomycosis is a fungal infection of the ear.

What is an infection of the middle ear called?

The term for a middle ear infection is Otitis Media

What are ear infection symptoms?

your ear hurts

How do you get rid or an ear infection?

ear drops

How is an ear prone to infection?

when water is your ear

What are the symtems of an ear infection?

a sore ear...

What is the most common ear problem Hearing loss Middle ear infection Deafness Tinnitus?

Middle Ear infection

When can you swim in a pool after a middle ear infection?

you mite have swimmers ear if you have been swimming a lot a lot of water mite of got in your ear canal go and tell a doctor NOW

Why cross eyed after an ear infection?

A child wakes up one morning, cross eyed. She has had an ear infection...could the ear infection cause this to happen to her eyes?

Can periodontal infection cause ear infection?


What happens holding in a sneeze?

Your eardrums might explode and you'll get an ear infection. I can tell you that from my own experience.

How many section are there in the ear?

there is the inner ear, middle ear, and the outer ear. i had an ear infection

What part of the ear will be infected if an infection of the throat spreads to the ear?

I would imagine the whole ear, and if an infection spreads from the throat to the ear, then you should really get that checked.

What kind of ear infections can you get from a swimming pool?

The most likely ear infection will be an outer ear canal infection (or swimmer's ear)Outer ear canal infection is largely caused by bacteria or fungi. Moist and wet conditions in the ear can stimulate infections (swimmer's ear). So a lot of swimming, excessive bathing or frequent exposure to water grows your chances of infectionIndirectly if you get a cold or another infection after swimming you could also get a middle ear infection, but that's very indirect

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