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If it's the ignition your vehicles motor will not turn over at all. If it does turn over it's either one of three things: battery, alternator, or starter. You can take your starter, battery and alternator to a local advance auto parts and they will test the charge for you. That will tell you what you need to know.

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Q: How do you tell if you need a new starter or ignition?
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How can i tell if i need a new starter for a 1990 240sx?

If it won't start!

1993 ford tempo starter won't disengage new starter new starter solenoid new battery any ideas?

Try the ignition switch.or the ignition module located usually near distributer

How do you change the starter for your 2003 GMC Sierra?

You will need to take out the parts of the ignition and put in new parts. It is usually best to trust a mechanic to do this for you.

Why will the starter motor not start a Toyota Celica?

It depends if the starter is turning the engine over and its not starting the problem is not with the starter its with your ignition or fuel system most likely, If your start is making a whirring sound then its not making contact with the flywheel and you probably need a new starter

What is wrong if you have a new starter and ignition sw and your 94 Camero Z28 wont crank?

if you're getting absolutely nothing, and the security light is on, then it is a bad VATS system. you need to replace the ignition tumbler and get new keys made.

Why will a Toyota corolla with a brand new battery not turn over?

Bad Starter. Bad Starter Relay. Bad Ignition Switch. Bad Ignition Module. Improper Ground.

How do you fix a ATV that won't start?

Try taking it to a mechanic, they should tell you that you either need a new engine, or that you need a new part, to consist with the ignition.

1993 ford e350 starter won't disengage new starter new starter solenoid new battery any ideas?

hey dude this is tatum.. try ur switch for your ignition .. some system involving ignition to solenoid ciruit system which involves starter engagment when key is inserted to ignition switch Outside chance that the flexplate maybe damaged or the starter is not "Shimmed" correctly and not allowing the starter toothed wheel to disengage. In some cases the starter may need to be "Shimmed" to move it away from the flexplate so that the gear does not get jammed. In any case, if you find the problem please let us know 8-) TommyTrouble

How do you jump the starter on a 94 Ford Escort?

I had to do this once. Look behind the engine by the firewall, you will see the starter, you will see a big wire and a small wire, unplug the small wire from the starter, get yourself a long peice of electrical wire, wrap one end around the small terminal on the starter, then turn the ignition on, then touch the other end on the positive battery cable then the engine should turn over, if it doesnt then you need a new starter.If it does most likely you need a new ignition switch or relay.

How do start a 1994 Chevy cavalier when the battery and alternator is good but still wont turn over?

First, make sure your all of your electrical connections and fuses are good. (battery cables are not corroded and cable to starter and ground are good) If they are good, it sounds like you either have a bad ignition switch or starter. You might try having someone turn the ignition switch to start position while using a multi-tester to see if you are getting power to the starter. If you are getting power to the starter, and it won't engage, chances are you need a new starter. If you do not have power to the starter, you might have a bad ignition switch. In certain circumstances you might try tapping on the starter with a hammer while someone is turning the ignition switch to see if it will engage. If it will, I would look to a bad starter. I have found that a majority of the time, a starter is the problem, not the ignition switch. Hope this helps.

On a 1980 280zx auto trans it wont turn over unless you jump the starter is there a neutral safety switch somewhere?

first check all of your fuses and relays. you may need a new starter or ignition switch

How do you tell if you need a new battery or starter for your car?

go to your local garage/mechanic and ask him/her to check the charge in your battery

When do you need a new starter?

When it fails. There is no set time to replace a starter.

Does remote start need a new battery in the starter?

There is no battery in the starter.

You have to tap the starter to start on a Geo Prizm?

You need a new starter

Does a 1998 z24 cavalier 2.4 have plug wires?

Either your starter is shot, or you need a new ignition system. Also check and make sure your battery is not dead.

1991 dodge dynasty 3.3L V6 Starter clicks but wont turn engine over new starter new battery and new ignition switch installed. Thers no response from the engine when key is turned.?

Replace the starter motor

What can cause your car not to start?

The battery might be dead, or your engine might not work. *EDIT* Check your ignition coil, or starter solenoid, instead of saying "your engine might not work". If you take a hammer and tap the starter when somebody else is cranking the vehicle then you need a new starter.

96 tacoma starter engaged and burned up while driving Replaced with new starter 20 miles later doing it again?

Bad ignition switch or starter solenoid

What would cause a new starter not to work on a 1996 VW Jetta?

bad battery. bad ignition switch bad solenoid or the new starter is faulty,has been known to happen

New starter but i think the soleniod is bad because it wants to start by itself what do you think?

i dont think it is the solenoid. more likely to be a bad ignition switch or a short in the new starter

You put a new starter on your 95 jeep it will start if you jump across the starter but not with the key why?

Hooked up wires wrong or ignition switch bad out/ of adjustment

How do you know if you need a new starter?

if i turn the key and all i hear is click- click- click real fast, is that mean i need a new starter?

Why wont your truck start even with a new starter?

need a new battery, need new battery cables, engine is locked up, bad nutral safety switch, bad clutch switch, bad ignition switch, blowen fuses and many more problems

How to Replace starter motor on 2007 Pontiac G6?

Start by removing the battery connection and then locate the starter near the ignition. Locate the starter between the transaxle and the engine. Unplug the wires and unwrench the starter. Replace with the new one.