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Well theres a few ways but i suppose it depends on your situation. If you don't really know this person very well then get to know them first. Try to initiate some conversation, especially a comical conversation or one that relates to the persons interests, because this will make you stick out in his or her mind. Try and also find some common ground between the two of you that you can develop a conversation on. If you are already friends with this person, then ask them to hang out, basically so you can get along with them. Wait until your about midway to the end of your activities and you've had what you feel is a comfortable experience with that person. Then sit them down and explain to them that you care about this person and your relationship with them, but that you like them and you want to know how he or she feels about you. I hope this works and if it doesn't don't worry, life goes on and you'll encounter millions of people in it. However I hope for the best for you.

Have a friend tell the person you like for you! That's what i do all the time!

If they scted strange aroud you and if they try to act cool around you and if they try to avoid you

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Q: How do you tell someone you like them?
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How should you tell someone you really like them?

If your trying to tell someone that you like them you should be truthful. Just being plain honest is going to be the best way to tell someone you like them.

How do you tell somene you like them?

you tell someone you like them by your body language.

What do I do with all the emotions I bottle up when I can not tell someone I like them?

Tell someone that you like Emily for example. Then tell the someone why you like Emily, and get out so it's not bottled up inside you. This worked for me when I was afraid to tell the person I liked them.

If you like someone do you tell them?


What if you like someone but your afraid to tell her?

tell your feelings to her/his friend and let her/him tell to the one you like!

Telling someone you like them?

how you tell someone you like them is just to be your self around them and ask and see if you can tell them something and Say it

How do you tell you like someone?


How can you tell if someone does not like you?

if they are rude to you

How can you tell that you like someone?

you ask them out.

Can you tell how someone is like by their handwriting?

No you can not

How do you tell a friend you like someone?

Whisper it to them and tell them not to tell anyone else

What do you do if you like someone and you dont know if they like you?

Ask them. Tell them or get one of your friends to tell them

How do you tell someone you don't like him back?

Just tell him that you like him better as a friend.

How can you tell someone you love them when they like someone else?

Bang em and see if they like it

How do you tell your parents you like someone in 7th grade?

i wouldnt tell them...

What are some good songs to tell someone you like them?

just tell them you like them or sing i love you

What to do if you like someone?

You need to tell them before someone else takes them.

How can you tell if someone doesn't like you?

If they avoid you

What can you do if you like someone but can not tell him?

Write to him, Simple!!

How do let someone know that you like them?

Tell them.

If you like someone should you tell her?


How do you tell someone that you really like them?

you can either just tell them or give them a note. also you can send a friend to tell them.or you can tell a friend to ask him/her if they like you if they do them you tell them you like them back

How do you tell someone you like them but they have feelings for someone else?

well , that's not a very easy thing to do . give them hints first . like flirt & what not .. then if you think that they begin to like you , then tell them .

How do you tell someone you like them in a note?

Hey ......... I just wanted to tell you that I like you. If you dont like me then im cool with that but i really like you

How do you tell someone to stop liking you?

Well you really shouldn't! You should be happy that someone likes you. But if you feel like they are to close to you but you like someone else just say that you like someone else and tell them how you feel, and that you just wanna b friends.