How do you tell the difference between a copper penny and a copper-plated zinc penny?

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Well, there are two ways. You could scratch it or melt it over a flame to check composition. Or, you could check the date.

The first US penny was minted in 1793 and was 100% pure copper. In 1856 the cent's size was reduced and they were changed to an alloy that was 88% copper and 12% nickel, although pure copper large cents continued to be produced as well for one more year. The nickel alloy was hard to strike and the coins had a whitish appearance so in 1864 a bronze alloy of 95% copper and 5% tin and/or zinc was adopted.

In 1943 the US made the famous steel pennies. These were made for only one year and were zinc coated steel. There was a copper shortage because of the war. There were a few copper pennies made that year also and they are now quite valuable.

Bronze pennies were resumed in 1944. In 1962 the US stopped using tin pennies and they became just 95% copper and 5% zinc.

In the middle of 1982 the price of copper rose to the point where each penny contained more than 1¢ worth of metal. The composition was changed again to copper-plated zinc (97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.) So, unless you have a US large cent it is in some way less than 100% pure copper. For more information about US coins the US mint is the place to get answers. Anne

Boiled Down If it's dated 1982 or older, then it's copper ... If it's dated 1983 or newer, then it's zinc with a thin copper plate ... If it's 1982, weigh it -- if it's 3.1 grams then it's copper .. if it's 2.5 grams then it's zinc. Unless it is one of the few mistakes the U.S. made in 1983 when they made about 100 copper pennies that are very rare and expensive today.
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How do you tell if you have a 1943 copper penny?

Answer It will be dated 1943, be red or brown in color, and weigh3.11 gm as opposed to 2.7 gm for a steel cent. Steel 1943 centswere often copper plated to appear as if they were the rarevariety, but these will stick to a magnet while a genuine 1943copper cent will not. There are also a lot of count ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if your 1943 penny is copper or steel with zinc plating?

Answer . \nIf the coin has not been re-plated, the difference should be obvious to look at. The zinc-coated coins will be grayish in color rather than coppery.\n. \nHowever, a lot of people create fake 1943 copper coins by re-plating a steel cent with copper. If you remember back to elementar ( Full Answer )

Copper in penny?

Before 1982, pennies contained 95% copper, while those since 1982 are only 2.5% copper. Modern cents are mostly zinc.

What is the value of a 1943 copper plated penny?

Answer . It might be worth hanging onto as a conversation piece, to show what a real 1943 copper cent might look like, but since it's plated it's considered to be an altered coin and has no value above 1 cent.

Why are pennies copper?

Because the founding fathers (along with the founders of almost every other country) wanted their coinage to be as close to the intrinsic values of the metals as possible. Making a 1 cent piece out of silver would be far too hard because it would be easily lost and would be too small to really use, ( Full Answer )

What does copper do to a copper penny?

For older cents made out of pure copper or a solid copper-bronze alloy, the question isn't valid. It's like asking what aluminum does for aluminum foil - it's simply what the coins were made of. For newer cents with a zinc core, the copper coating (a) makes them look like older cents and (b) keep ( Full Answer )

Are all pennies made of copper?

Most modern pennies or cents have almost no copper in them, no matter what country issues them. The reason is that copper now sells for about $4/lb so a 1-cent copper coin would contain much more than one cent's worth of metal. Today, US cents are made of zinc plated with copper; Canadian cents ( Full Answer )

When did they stop using copper in pennies?

The US changed the cent's composition in mid-1982. Up till that time "copper" pennies were actually bronze, an alloy of 95% copper and 5% tin and/or zinc. The new composition is 97.5% zinc coated with 2.5% copper, so technically copper is still in use. Canada removed most copper from its 1¢ co ( Full Answer )

How and when did pennies start being made of zinc and copper instead of just copper?

It turns out that the solid copper U.S. cent was minted from 1793 to 1837. After that, it was "mostly" copper, and the other metals included in the alloy varied a bit from time to time. It was in 1982 that the big change occurred and the copper content of the cent was cut to the 2.5% copper used i ( Full Answer )

1977 penny without copper plating?

Your coin DOES have plating, but it's not copper plating. The switch to copper-coated zinc wasn't made until mid 1982. Before that cents were struck in bronze. That means you have a bronze cent that was plated with a silver-colored metal for use in jewelry or similar. Unfortunately it's an altere ( Full Answer )

What is a copper penny?

U.S. cents made before mid-1982, and British pennies made before 1993, were struck in a bronze alloy that was mostly copper. Some very early cents and pennies were struck in pure copper. Modern U.S. cents are made from copper-plated zinc, and British pennies are made of copper-plated steel.

How can you tell if your 1943 zinc penny is valuable?

\nif the 1943 sticks to a magnet, and its brown from copper, then its counterfeit. If it doesn't, it also could be a counterfeit. if you look closely at the date, it could be 1948 with half of 8 carved out. If it doesn't look like that, then it is a error coin and is worth around $20,000

How much copper is in a copper penny?

There really hasn't been all that much copper in a so-called "copper penny" since mid-1982. The outer shell, which is the part we see of the penny, is copper, but only the outer shell. Today's penny is made of only 2.5% copper, and 97.5% zinc, to cut down the cost of making the penny. From mid-186 ( Full Answer )

Why is the outside surface of a penny made of copper and not zinc?

Traditionally, the US penny (or, more properly, the US one cent coin) has been made of copper or copper with a small amount of zinc (except in 1943, when it was made of steel with a zinc coating). During 1982, as the price of copper meant that the "melt value" of the coin was more than one cent (tha ( Full Answer )

What is the copper value of copper pennies?

Cents made after mid-1982 are mostly zinc so they have essentiallyno copper value. Lincoln cents made up to mid-1982 (except of course for 1943 steelcents) are bronze which is 95% copper plus tin and/or zinc. Theycontain about 3 grams of pure copper which is worth a bit less than3 cents as of the p ( Full Answer )

Why did they copper and zinc to make the penny why not metal and copper?

The composition of the US penny was changed in the middle of 1982 from 95% copper / 5% zinc to 97.5% zinc / 2.5% copper. With the rising price of copper, the penny was costing more than a penny to produce, and actually had more than a penny's worth of copper in it. Zinc was (and is) a less expensi ( Full Answer )

Are pennies made of mostly copper or zinc?

pennies are made of mostly zinc but have some copper in them More The composition of US cents was changed from bronze in mid-1982. The coins now have a zinc core plated with copper (rather than mixed together). Zinc makes up 97.5% of the coin by weight.

How would you separate zinc and copper in a penny?

Gently sand about 1/3 of the edge of the penny just enough to remove the copper and expose the zinc. Then soak the coin in 5% Muriatic acid in a glass dish until it stops bubbling. The Muriatic acid will dissolve the zinc and leave the copper shell intact. Wear rubber gloves and use tweezers to gent ( Full Answer )

True or false the composition of a penny is 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper?

True and False. If the coin is dated 1983 and newer, it is indeed 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. However, if it is dated 1981 and earlier, then it is 95% copper. During 1982, the US Government decided that pennies were too expensive to make with so much copper. So they decided to use zinc, with is stro ( Full Answer )

What is a 1923 copper penny worth?

Coins in average circulated condition are valued at 3 to 10 cents. Uncirculated coins can be $15.00 or more.

Are all 1982 pennies made of mostly of copper or are they all zinc?

The composition was changed in the middle of the year so some 1982 cents were made of bronze while others are copper-plated zinc. The best way to tell them apart is by weighing them. Bronze cents weigh about 3.11 gm, zinc ones weigh 2.5 gm.

What pennies were made of pure copper?

United States large cent coins (1793-1857) were made of purecopper. However small cent coins (1856-present) were never made of entirelypure copper. Their highest ever copper content was 95% copper and5% tin/zinc. This metallic composition occurred in cents mintedfrom 1864 to mid-1982. The only exce ( Full Answer )

Can copper pennies rust?

Copper corrodes, things made of iron rust. Copper can corrode, but it takes longer than it does for iron to rust.

Why is the penny the only copper coin?

Actually three US coins have been struck in copper, and modern US cents are mostly zinc with a thin coating of copper. The use of copper dates back to the early days of coinage when coins had to contain their face value in metal. I.e. a dime contained 10¢ worth of silver, a half dollar had 50 ( Full Answer )

Is a penny copper?

A modern penny only has about 2.5% copper and the rest is zinc. Before 1982 pennies were made of 95% copper with the remainderbeing tin and/or zinc. The Mint changed the composition that yearwhen the price of copper increased to the point that the oldercoins contained more than one cent's worth of ( Full Answer )

How do you tell if a penny is made of copper?

Assuming you mean a US cent, in general if its date is 1981 or older, it is predominantly copper. The major exception would be 1943 cents that were made of zinc-plated steel due to wartime shortages. 1982 cents were struck in both zinc and bronze so you need to weigh them - a bronze cent weighs a ( Full Answer )

When did they stop making pennies out of copper?

Short answer: The last year for copper cents in the U.S. was 1982,when the composition was changed from 95% copper/5% zinc to 97.5%zinc/2.5% copper. If the question was about Canadian cents, those were 98% copperuntil 1996, before switching to zinc for three years, and changingagain to steel in 200 ( Full Answer )

Do pennies have copper in them?

yes, they're made of a zinc core with a thin layer of copper plating. The plating only makes up 2.5% of the coin's weight, though.

What pennys are copper?

All US pennies made before 1982 are copper, along with some made in 1982 that are copper, however, copper-coated zinc pennies were also used during that year making identification by weighing necessary.

What is the copper worth in a copper penny?

About 2.7 cents as of the time of writing. However, US cents haven't been made of copper (actually, a bronze alloy that's 95% copper) since mid-1982. Cents dated 1983 and later are made of zinc with a very thin coating of copper to make them look the same as their older counterparts.

How can you tell if your penny is made out of copper?

Get it to rust: Green rust: copper, red rust: iron, no rust: silver. Not exactly US cents don't rust (except for 1943 ones). "Copper" pennies are made of bronze which oxidizes to the familiar dark brown color. And US cents have NEVER been made from iron or silver. Plus letting a coin oxidize i ( Full Answer )

When were copper coated zinc pennies first made?

The cent's composition was changed in mid-1982 due to rising copper prices. Cents dated 1982 were struck in both bronze and copper-plated zinc. The easiest way to tell them apart is to weigh one. A bronze cent will weigh about 3.11 gm while a zinc one weighs 2.5 gm.

What is a 2000 zinc penny worth without the copper?

Zinc pennies are only worth 1 cent. Their metallic value is about half of a cent, so it is worth more to spend it with the face value than trying to sell it for the metal value.

How does one find out if a penny is made of copper or zinc?

You can tell if a penny is made out of zinc or copper by the date on the penny. If the date is before 1982 then the penny is 95% copper. Pennies dated 1983 or later are 97.5% zinc with a thin copper coating.

How many moles of copper and zinc are in post 1982 pennies?

Post 1982 Pennies contain the following physical properties: 97.5% zinc 2.5% copper Total Weight = 2.5 g The atomic weights for the elements in question are as follows: Zn: 65.38 g/mol Cu: 63.546 g/mol From there we have everything you need to calculate the number of moles of each. ( Full Answer )