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How do you tell the father of your baby he is the father?


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2015-07-15 18:55:08
2015-07-15 18:55:08

Be upfront and honest. Approach him calmly and at the right time. The right time should be when you know he is calm and relaxed and in a setting you know he will be comfortable. Beyond that it's just a matter of being upfront with him and telling him everything you know.

But don't expect him to adjust to it right away...there might be a shock period, but if you are calm and understanding he should get over that quickly and hopefully you will be able to plan with him how both of you want to handle the whole thing.


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you just say honey you are not the father of my baby and i'mso sorry your not but you can still take care of it

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A paternity test after the baby is born

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yes, u tell him first then your parents ,but sort something out with the father first

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Ask the possible fathers to take a DNA test once the baby is born.

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It is always better to just come out and say it

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