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Be upfront and honest. Approach him calmly and at the right time. The right time should be when you know he is calm and relaxed and in a setting you know he will be comfortable. Beyond that it's just a matter of being upfront with him and telling him everything you know.

But don't expect him to adjust to it right away...there might be a shock period, but if you are calm and understanding he should get over that quickly and hopefully you will be able to plan with him how both of you want to handle the whole thing.

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Q: How do you tell the father of your baby he is the father?
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How do you tell the father of your baby that he is not the father?

you just say honey you are not the father of my baby and i'mso sorry your not but you can still take care of it

Does a teen mother have to tell who the father is of her baby?


How can you tell the father?

A paternity test after the baby is born

At 14 if im pregnant do you tell the father of the baby first?

yes, u tell him first then your parents ,but sort something out with the father first

How can i tell who the father of my baby is if i am pregnant?

Ask the possible fathers to take a DNA test once the baby is born.

How do you tell your partner he isn't the father of your baby?

It is always better to just come out and say it

What if you think that the baby father has a child with another person but is not telling you?

Well he is not obligated to tell you.

What happen if you find a baby mouse?

if you found a baby mouse, your mother or father will tell you to get rid of them because they're dirty and harmful........

How do you protect your baby from its sociopath father?

you get a restraining order and you tell the judge that he is a sico and then your child will be safe

Is it possible to tell how the father of your baby is when you slept with two guys a day apart?

Only way is that everyone including the baby have a DNA test.

What should you do if you are 14 and pregnant and want to keep the baby but you are afraid to tell anyone?

If you are in a state with 14 year old marrages alowed, then tell the father and maybe get married if you must then secretly, that way you get to keep the baby and nobody has to find out. Best of luck!

If you were pregnant and loved a guy who was totally fantastic to you until you found out he was cheating on you and you already left him should you tell him about the baby?

Definitely tell him about the baby. It's not about the parents and it isn't about anything else but the baby. Unless of course it is in the best interest of the baby that you don't tell the father. Like if he is abusive, into illegal stuff like drugs etc. Don't tell him than and just move on with your life if he's like that. Otherwise if he's a good man and you can HONESTLY say that he will be a good father than tell him.

What can a father do if he doesn't want the unborn child?

tell the person who you are having a baby with and then give up your rights.

Can you not tell the father of your baby im pregnant?

You are not required to tell him, but then, if you don't tell him you can't ask him to pay child support, either. Of course, you may be planning an abortion, in which case it may be better not to tell him.

Who is the father of rihannas baby?

UNFROTUNAETLY chris brown is "supposedly" the father of her baby.

Who is the father of Stacey slaters baby?

Ryan is the father!!! asta oavista baby

My ex left me after finding out i had a baby with another guy but we werent together but i didnt tell him till the baby was born now he wants to be there anywa for the baby but he not why do he contin?

If He wasn't your boyfriend at the time and he got mad at first then why let him take care of the baby? You Should let the father be the father...unless hes not in the picture.

Can the mother of a minor who has had a baby dictate what happens with the baby Can she tell the babies mother that she can not let the baby go spend the night at the babies fathers house?

In most cases the mother of the child is considered permanently emancipated as far as the child is concerned. What this means is you can tell her she cannot spend the night with the father, but not that the child cannot spend the night with the father. That is up to the mother and father of the child. If you have what you consider valid concerns about the health and safety of the child while it's with the father, you will have to take your daughter to court.

If an unmarried woman wants to give up her baby for adoption does she have to tell the baby's father?

no but it would save you from a guilty mind

What do you do when your bf of over a year broke up with you and you think you are pregnant with his kid?

tell him, he deserves to know and the baby deserves a father

If you dont want people to know the father of your baby you dont have to tell them you are 16 year old female 17 when the baby due?

You people... USE PROPER grammar!!!!!! I think that is up to you. if you want to tell people who the father is.... then you can tell them. if you dont want to tell people who it is then dont. but people are going to be asking and bothering you about it if you chose to keep the fathers identity to yourself. that's a hard decision to make and its YOUR decision to make.

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