How do you tell your friend that your going out with the person they like?

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Just calmly tell you friend. If they have a problem, so be it. It's YOUR life, not theirs.
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Does your guy friend like you if you flirt with each other but then he tells you not to think and to go with the flow?

Answer . \nHe's probably telling you to be spontaneous and let mother nature take her course. Considering he was just a friend all you have to say is, "Whoa, take it slower!" Switching from being good friends to lovers takes getting use too because you are on a new adventure with this person an ( Full Answer )

What should you do if a girl likes you but your friend says it is a joke and other people are telling you to go out with her?

well, the best thing to do in your situation is just to ask the girl. i know, i know.. it might be embarrassing!! buuut, it's really the only way to get your answer!! if you have trouble talking to girls, here's a way to approach her. "hey" g, "hey!" "i don't mean to be too forward, but you kn ( Full Answer )

Friend and you like same boy how can you tell her to lay off of him so i can go to him?

Answer . Answer. This is quite simple if you stop thinking about her. Go to him, tell him he drives you crazy each time you see him and if you could, you'd kiss him right where the two of you are standing. That way you know if you have a chance with him and if you don't tell her what you have on ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your best friend is going behind your back and telling your boyfriend how much she likes him?

Well, you can't blame your best friend. Your boyfriend is probably really cute! If that is not it, tell your best friend that it is bothering you. And tell your best friend why it bothers you. She should understand. Make sure you say it in a private place. Oh, and make sure that you say it it kind, ( Full Answer )

What if you tell someone who you like and tell them not to tell and they go and tell the person you like you like them?

If you told someone ( the person in which you like) and the person who you told it to told the person you liked that person, then that person who you originally told the secret to is really not trust worthy. You should go up to that person and ask why they told the person you like. If you feel (the ( Full Answer )

If you wanted to tell the person you like that you love him but are affraid that he will stop talking to you should you still go tell that person you like them?

Yes you should tell him. If he loves you back then knowing how you each feel, your relationship may develop. However, you should be prepared for the possibility that he may not be able to love you back.. If it happens at least you will now know, and although you will be upset, you will be able t ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if your friends friend like you?

You can tell if your friends likes you if he or she has respect for you and if he/she is acting strange towards you. If they are acting strange, that's when you should start to worry about a relationship. But, if they're acting normal then there is nothing to be worried about.

How do you tell the person you like that you like them?

You tell them... truly. BUT, if you lie, even once, even by your doing, you will lose their trust for ever. do it with all your heart, and your doing too. plus if you tell him make sure to tell him PRIVETLY good luck:)

How do you tell your friend you dont like her going out with your ex boyfriend?

that's one of the more difficult questions ever asked. I mean, if you have a problem with your best firned dating you ex, i know I've had that happen, then you just need to get your friend in a private place and just tell them that youu think its kinda weird that they are dating someon that you've a ( Full Answer )

You are taking a friend to a wedding that you really like how will you go about telling her?

To provide a proper opinion, I will make the following assumptions:. Both of you are over 18 and are not currently involved romantically with another person(s).. Given that's she is already a friend, you must have at least a feeling that she also likes you over and above just being a friend.. Dur ( Full Answer )

How do you tell the person you like you like them?

It not easy telling a person you like. You have to be brave and honest. Don't tell a guy/girl you like them if they are already dating someone. Be a good judge of character. You should tell them away from anybody... have your privacy. Now, you must stay Strong and tell how you really feel the want ( Full Answer )

What do you do if the person you like likes your friend?

Nothing! The heart wants what the heart wants. Your perfect match will come along! But if you won't sit around doing nothing think of ways to impress him what are his or her'll find away!

How do you tell a person that you like that you like them?

Walk up to them and explain the reasons why you like them, not in a list format. But, if you are simply trying to inform someone that you like them, Romantically I'm assuming, just tell them so. People respond to directness alot more than, to use a common phrase, beating around the bush. Be nice t ( Full Answer )

If you leave and tell your parents where you are going. and have proof of that. can they file a missing person report. like if i leave and go stay with a friend for a while. can they file one?

If you're in the US... The fact that you tell your parents where you're going does not make it legal. You're still absent from home without their permission. The police would pick you up, bring you back home, and might even have a nice little chat with the person who's home who's visited without per ( Full Answer )

What do you do if the person you like is going out with your best friend?

You should leave your best friend, it's loyalty. Your friend asked out the person first. If you like that person a lot though then go for it, tell them why you like them and try and win their heart over, but be careful this may cost your friendship with your friend.

Do you tell your friend to tell him you like him?

example: ask your friends, tell (name) i like him. It will work trust me. So your friend will tell him and he'll be like, you like me(name) and say yeah or nod your head. Never know, maby he likes you back. and remember when you are pretty sure that he's flirting with you, never look at a magazin ( Full Answer )

What do you do if a not-so-friend tells your friend her boyfriend is going out with the not-so-friend just to break them up because the girl likes the boyfriend?

Well then the girl is being cruel and needs to lay off! If they actually like the boyfriend they can accept that the guy is happy (NOT at the discretion of the girl). tell the girl to lay off and if they don't, tell the boyfriend the girl is lying and and why so you can leave the decision to him. ( Full Answer )

What do you do if my friend likes the person i like?

Its a difficult question to answer. But my best advice is that you be fair to one another. Boys should never come between a friendship. Many relationships at young ages don't last verry long so getting a boy is not worth loosing a friend.

How do you write a latter to a friend tell her where you wolud like to go?

While quite often writing letters is no longer taught in schools - you can search many online resources about how to write a letter. The most common way to begin a letter is with the word "Dear" followed by a comma. After that you can put whatever you'd like in the body of the letter.