How do you tell your friend that your going out with the person they like?

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Just calmly tell you friend. If they have a problem, so be it. It's YOUR life, not theirs.
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What if you tell someone who you like and tell them not to tell and they go and tell the person you like you like them?

If you told someone ( the person in which you like) and the person who you told it to told the person you liked that person, then that person who you originally told the secre

How do you tell your friend you dont like her going out with your ex boyfriend?

that's one of the more difficult questions ever asked. I mean, if you have a problem with your best firned dating you ex, i know I've had that happen, then you just need to ge

You are taking a friend to a wedding that you really like how will you go about telling her?

To provide a proper opinion, I will make the following assumptions:. Both of you are over 18 and are not currently involved romantically with another person(s).. Given that'
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What do you do if the person you like is going out with your best friend?

You should leave your best friend, it's loyalty. Your friend asked out the person first. If you like that person a lot though then go for it, tell them why you like them and t
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How do you write a latter to a friend tell her where you wolud like to go?

While quite often writing letters is no longer taught in schools - you can search many online resources about how to write a letter. The most common way to begin a letter is