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How do you tell your friend you like him?


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September 12, 2011 10:32PM


ok depending on your gender (sex) ..coz i don't know if you are male or female here.. what your best bet would be is 2 stop being as chummy chummy and act more serious in alot of matters.. example realy listen and look deep into your friends eyes when they are speaking to you or in deep conversation, smile alot and study their every move that way aventually they will pick up on the change in you and see that you are in actual fact perving on them and analizing their every movement! start to dress nicer around him wear nicer french purfume or colone and one day soon he will ask you ...wots up with u!!! and you can say (with rosy cheeks) i think i have fallen for you, do you share the same feelings towards me ??? and be direct! get your answer you so badly deserve.... what ever you do, DONT ask a girlfriend to tell him for you and find out what he thinks coz some of us girls lie to our friends to protect their feelings... go with ur heart and soon enuff ull know and see it in his eyes for youself.