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You have to access the motor to test it but it probably is bad. The brushes in the botor hangup a lot and when this happens it quits.

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Q: How do you test a power window motor while it is still in the door to see if it is good?
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How do you fix the power windows in a 2004 ford explorer?

First check fuse,if good take door panel off the door that window is not working and check for power with test light at window motor while pressing window control switch,if power is present,than tap motor with hammer and see if brushes free up. If this will not fix it than you need to get new motor.

Is there a way to tell if the power window switch is bad or if it the motor for the switch?

remove switch from where it is mounted using a wire , bridge the connections.if switch is bad, it will work the motor while bridged

How do you fix a power window in a 97 Honda civic?

Remove the door panel. Check the voltages supply to the motor wiring while someone works the switches. If you have the voltages - repair or replace the motor.

How do you repair a driver's door power window on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE that will not go up or down using the window switch?

In some cases, all you need to do is hit the inside of the car door with a rubber mallet. This causes the brushes in the motor to make better contact with the armature and make the window motor run. You want to do this while holding the power window button in the up or down position while hitting the door with a mallet. It may take 2 people to do this!!! If this does not work, then there are either problems with the switch or the motor. Easiest fix is to get replacement parts from the junkyard!!!!

Your 1995 4runner rear window will not roll up or down you can't find a fuse for your power windows or doors but the rest of your windows work does this sound like a bad motor?

Yes. If you're talking about the tailgate window, the problem most likely started because the regulator (the part that transfers the power of the motor to the window is rusted so it can no longer move. Sometimes the motor can be salvaged; and simply replacing the regulator will do the trick. Before you replace the motor, you might want to check the window lock button. I accidently pushed it once while cleaning my 92 4Runner. The rear window would'nt come down and I thought it was a burnt out motor. I then discovered the lock button had been activated and after deactivating it (pushing it), the window worked fine.

What do you do if the driver's side power window on a 2001 Dodge Caravan will go down but not up?

"You need a new power window motor regulator."Yes... Or TRY the no cost option:Sit in vehicle with legs in vehicle, ignition key ON.Open door,Window switch pressed for desired travel,keep holding it while SLAM door hard,enjoy your functioning power window again.Repeat as necessary.

How do you replace a rear glass window motor in a 2001 sport trac?

Removal and Installation NOTE: The power rear window motor can be removed and a new one installed without removing the seat or trim panel. NOTE: When the power rear window motor is removed and installed, the motor must be initialized. For additional information, refer to Rear Window Motor Initialization in this section. # Fold down the passenger rear seat back. # Open the luggage compartment trim panel access door.# Remove the spare tire jack and handle assembly.# NOTE: The rear window glass water shield uses a reusable butyl rubber adhesive. A new water shield does not have to be installed unless it is damaged or if the butyl rubber adhesive does not adhere to a section of the sheet metal. Position the carpet aside and position the water shield back from the rear window glass motor to access bolts.# CAUTION: Use care not to damage the drum housing when removing the rear window glass motor. NOTE: Apply pressure to the drum while removing the rear window motor to avoid extraction of the drum with the motor. Remove the rear window motor. ## Disconnect the electrical connector. ## Remove the bolts. ## Remove the rear window glass motor.# NOTE: The rear window motor must be initialized after a repair is carried out. For additional information, refer to Rear Window Motor Initialization in this section. To install, reverse the removal procedure. (PASTED IN BELOW) == CAUTION: Make sure that no obstructions are present in the power rear window system when carrying out this procedure. NOTE: The rear window motor is in error mode when shipped and will be inoperative until initialized. NOTE: This procedure must be carried out when repairs are performed on any part of the power rear window system including when: the power rear window motor is removed from the window regulator drum housing, a new power rear motor is installed, a new power rear window regulator is installed, a new power rear window glass module is installed, and any operation in which grease or lubricants are applied to the power rear window system. NOTE: All power rear window components (window glass module, window regulator, window motor, and glass runs) must be installed and torqued to specification before carrying out this procedure. NOTE: Once the ignition key is turned to the ON position in Step 6, it must remain on until the entire procedure is completed. NOTE: Step 7 requires that the power rear window control switch be held in the CLOSE position (fully clockwise) until the power rear window motor stalls the window into the upper header seal. Step 8 requires that the window control switch be momentarily turned to the OPEN position. NOTE: Step 9 requires that the power rear window control switch be held in the CLOSE position (fully clockwise) until the window stalls into the upper header seal and the window carries out its down-up sequence, indicating successful completion of initialization. NOTE: The key-in-ignition chime can cause the vent button to be pressed more or less than six times due to the distraction of the chime. # NOTE: Steps 1-6 must be completed within 30 seconds. The entire procedure must be completed within five minutes. Start with the ignition in the OFF position. Open the driver door.# Turn the ignition to the ON position. # Press the power rear window control switch vent button six times.# Turn the ignition to the OFF position. The driver door must be OPEN. # Press the power rear window control switch vent button six times.# Turn the ignition to the ON position. The power rear window will move down-up-down-up approximately 20 mm (0.8 in). This movement indicates that the power rear window motor has entered initialization mode. # Rotate and hold the power rear window control switch to the CLOSE position until the window stalls into the upper header seal.# Momentarily rotate the power rear window control switch to the OPEN position and release. The power rear window will carry out a one-touch down operation until the window stalls at the bottom of the travel stop designed into the window regulator.# Rotate and hold the power rear window control switch to the CLOSE position. Continue to hold the switch until after the window stalls into the upper header seal and carries out the down-up movement. This down-up movement is approximately 20 mm (0.8 in). This movement indicates that the power rear window motor has been successfully initialized.# Verify correct operation of the power rear window by moving the window to the fully open, vent, then fully closed positions. If the window does not operate correctly, carefully repeat this procedure.

How to raise the driver side window to have room to remove the power window motor in a 2000 Mazda MPV when the motor is seized.?

Completely remove the inside door panel. Since the window is down, the two screws that hold the window glass to the regulator should be easily acessable. Remove these two screws. Disconnect the regulator from the window glass. Push the window glass up to the very top. A bungy cord can be used to hold the glass up while the motor is being removed. Hook the bungy cord to the top of the door. Hook the other end to the bottom of the window glass.

Window won't go up on g35 Infiniti?

Most likely the window motor is failing. Hit the center of the door liner with your fist while pushing the switch to raise the window. This will only work a few times. Replace the motor.

How do you troubleshoot motorized windows in a car?

First try all of the windows up and down. Write down exactly which windows do not move in response to a switch. Mention whether they fail with the driver-side master switch, the switch by that window or both.If the window is up and can still make a twitch up when you hit an up switch than you know the motor and its power is OK so your list of causes is cut down significantly. Even if the motor does not make the window twitch listen carefully with the engine off and the ignition on to hear whether there is a hum coming from the motor while you hold the switch down. Again that indicates power and that a switch is OK but doesn't say anything about the motor itself.

How do you repair a 1998 Firebird power window that is stuck about have way up and the motor just hums?

The F-body motor is notorious for dying. The replacement costs about $50 from an auto parts store and will probably take an afternoon for a first timer. Remove the door panel and take a drill to open up holes in front of the rivets on the motor. Procede to drill out the old motor then replace it with your new one and screw it in. First you want to get the window up, if you can. If the motor actually hums, then press the button while pulling the window up, if you cannot get it up, then you are going to have to be extra careful not to harm the glass while taking the door apart and replacing the motor.

Is there such a machine as a self running generator?

Yes. It generates the power using driver motor while the driver motor uses the generated power.

With window switch and motor both working independantly okay what do you do if the driver's side power window on a 2001 Dodge Caravan will go down but not up?

i have a 99 grand caravan same prob....hit bottom of door while holding the button up,will go have a problem with the regulator not the motor,the regulator is what your motor attaches too,go figure lol...good luck

How to fix power windows on a 1989 bronco 2?

If you can still here the window motor running then you need a power window repair kit should be able to find one at your local auto parts store ANSWER: just to add to the answer above if you hear the motor then you will need a new gear kit i got one for 20, for a brand new motor its like 70 bucks that why i just got the gear kit. you will have to take off the motor for the power steering and there are 3 bolt holding it in and then a braket and you can access the braket nut from the bottom of the door. now the bolts for the motor is tricky cause what i did was get a dremmel and cut small holes in the door so i could access the bolts easier, once you have the motor out just throw the gears in. while your at it i would grease everything too just to make it work smoother.


Because you left the door open while you were working on the power window problem, and the interior light ran the battery down.

Why do electric windows make a clicking sound but will not go up or down?

Simple answer.... Only the relay is clicking. 2 types of window motors. 4 wire has one motor with transmission that allows movement in two directions (up,down)(forward,reverse). 2 wire window motors use the polarity of the magnets to determine which way to go. If you hear the click you more than likely have a 4 wire window motor. I personally would follow the following steps to diagnose and repair the problem. step 1.) visually inspect window track and make sure that nothing is blocking the window from operating correctly. step 2.) if nothing obstructing, insure there is a good power source at the window motor. (11.4~13.0) should be about the same as the battery power. Also check the ground (negative). If good power and ground and there is no actual motor operation replace it. while you are looking at the motor inspect the window regulator and make for certain that it isn't bent and nothing looks loose. If anything looks not normal replace it. Its better to only have to be in the door once.

How do you repair power windows in a Chevy G20 Van?

Well the first thing to do is check the fuse for the power windows should be a 30 amp metal fuse check for continuity, if fuse is ok, take the door panel apart and then take the connector off of the power window motor ,with a trouble light check to see if you have power with the switch in the up and the down position if you have power in both positions and the window does nothing then get a battery and place the ground wire on the door and the positive end to either prongs on the back of the motor if the motor does nothing then the motor is either no gode or jambed, if it works one way then try the positive on the other side of the plug, if that also works then you have a grounding problem, PS both windows have to work from the drivers side first. Try this before attempting to take the motor out ,If in dought splice the black wire and ground it to the door frame . If all else fails take the three screws out that hold the window motor in and bench test the motor ,If you are going to replace the motor you are going to have to take it out anyways right,so while it is in the up position cut a splice of wood so you can put it in the door to hold the window in the up position before you take the motor out Wayne

How do you repair the power window motor on a 1984 mercury grand marquis?

first you need to diagnose the problem. turn on the ignition and press the appropriate switch. while pressing the switch slowly both up and down notice whether the dome light dims. if it dims then the switch is working and the problem is probably the motor as it is drawing power and not working.

What if your window in lsc wont go up or down and car have been sitting up a year now can it be just a fuse or window motor needs to be replaces?

Best quess is that your window motor is stuck. Sometimes if you pound on the door panel with your fist while pushing on the window switch it can become unstuck. Then you will know it is the window motor. Sometimes they are too siezed up to move at all, so this might work and it might not. We call it a tap test in the business.

How safe is it to use a brushless motor controller on a window?

As long as they are installed safely, it is quite safe to use a brushless motor controller on a window. These motors have been in production since 1942 while brushed motors have been available since 1886.

Can you change a crankshaft while motor is still in the vehicle?

In same models this is possible.

How do you roll up passenger window in 1997 Camaro with a faulty power lock switch?

The lock switch has nothing to do with the window. If you have power windows and the window switch is bad, you can operate the window by jumping the wires on the switch plug. On my 91 Camaro RS, the window regulator (motor) stopped working. I bought a new regulator at Napa and replaced it. Replacing the window regulator requires drilling out the factory rivets. IMPORTANT! Before you start,you should drill a hole through the door and gear then install a temporary nut & bolt to lock the window in the up postion. This will prevent the window from falling while your fingers are near the gear.

Is it possible to manually roll up a power window on the passenger side of a 94 Ford Thunder-bird 2 door that wont roll up?

Power Window IssuesYou may try removing the door panel to expose the power window motor. Once you have access you can push the window back up. If you need to use a block of wood or other stable object to keep the window in the up position. Try checking local junkyards for a used power window motor. It would be a lot less expensive than getting a new one installed. P.S. While this question has been answered I would just like to tell the person who asked this question that this is one of the most pointless questions ever and I sincerely hope that they won't ask ones like this again. Thank you for your time.actually it's not a pointless question at all. when the motor burns out the window does not move and if you don't have the time or money to immediately replace it then you need to manually get the window up so that it doesn't rain in your car.

How do you raise the power window on Ford Explorer when it is stuck down?

Are you sure its stuck, (i.e. can you hear the motor whining)? If you don't hear the motor attempting to run, the motor could be bad, or there could be a loose or corroded connection somewhere between the window switch and the motor.If you do hear the motor, try taking the door panel off-that's likely what its catching on.Likely? On mine the main bar coming from the power window motor is completely bent around. It was caused by attempting to roll the window down while iced up.Generally, if the motor is not at least attempting to run, there is probably a bad electrical connection somewhere, usually caused by a little corrosion. The bad connection could be internally in the window switch itself, in which case you will probably need to replace the switch. However, more likely your bad connection will be at a contact point where one of the wires connects either to a terminal on the switch or to the window motor itself.You can check all the connections quickly with an ohmmeter or a simple continuity tester.A flexible emery board (available in any drugstore) is best for cleaning the contacts, and it only takes a few minutes once you get to the switch.

My back window will not go up or down and Since there is no fuse for the power rear window on a 2001 Toyota sequoia could the problem if not the motor be the locking control for the window?

No, there is a controller that makes the rear window go up and down. You need to remove the plastic cover which snaps in place. Second, you will see a controller labeled "Toyota MPX Door." This is the control/relay that sends the voltage to the window motor. Mine went bad, and had to be replaced. Many are fooled by this and think that the window motor is bad, when in all actuallity, it is the relay. Also - try inserting the ignition into the rear door lock while turning to the right. The lock raises and lowers the rear window independent of the interior or remote key switch operations.