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How do you track down your own answers on WikiAnswers?

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Look down the list on the left panel, click on 'My contributions' - that'll give you a list of every answer you've given and question you've asked


you also have to have an account and be signed in it is in the bottom group between "my message board and my settings

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Why do all the worst answers replace good answers on WikiAnswers?

Some people on WikiAnswers do not understand the concept of a Wiki, and end up replacing answers with their own or adding their answer after an existing answer. Answers on WikiAnswers are meant to be answered with a single, unified answer. Users should not remove an answer to replace it with their own unless the existing answer is entirely incorrect.

Does WikiAnswers spoil a child's education by giving the child the answers and not letting the child find them on his own?

Students learn by looking up answers, whether it be in an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a textbook, or WikiAnswers.

How do you know how many people have seen your own WikiAnswers profile?

WikiAnswers does not currently track how many times each profile is viewed.There may be third-party HTML counters or image hosting sites (which track how many times the image is viewed) that are compatible with WikiAnswers profile pages.Note:Answers Corp. cannot make a recommendation regarding any of these services and makes no warranties regarding your use of their product.

How can you make up your own answers in wikianswers. com?

You don't. Answer if you have the facts in hand. If you don't have the facts, don't answer.

When will the greed for money and the whoring of WikiAnswers stop?

When people learn how to find their own answers and stop depending on the internet to answer it for them.

Are these doctors answers?

no if u scroll down people are aloud to improve or type their own answers

Has anybody ever found any useful answer on WikiAnswers?

There are millions of useful answers on here ! I have certainly broadened my own knowledge by following up some of the answers given.

Does Wikianswers know someone is answering their own questions?

Yes they do. You should be Notified or you can easily look. Contributors are allowed to answer their own questions if they can give reasonable answers.

How do you view your own answers and questions on WikiAnswers?

To find your contributions, you can use the link on the blue bar to the left; titled "My Contributions".

Is WikiAnswers in favor of legalizing marijuana?

WikiAnswers is made out of many people, and each has their own point on view on this issue. However, we try to stay as neutral and impartial as possible in the answers we give.

Does anyone else get the feeling that school kids are just asking their homework questions on WikiAnswers and copying the answers into their assignments to pass it off as their own work?

Totally! I know people that do it all the time. That's why schools block it from their computers at school but what they do at home is a totally different topic.I can positively say that kids are copying answers on wikianswers and writing them on their own homework and using it as their own work and answers unforuntally.Its a shame what kids do anymore :(

How is Quora different from WikiAnswers?

Some ways that Quora and WikiAnswers differ: - Quora has a much smaller community - WikiAnswers questions have one answer, continually edited (hence the "wiki") - Quora has multiple answers by multiple contributors, with the ability to vote answers up - WikiAnswers has a reference side with licensed articles on thousands of topics Can you think of more differences between the sites? Add your own opinion.

Can answers be copied from Wikipedia to WikiAnswers?

No; that is plagiarism, and is illegal. You may quote sections it if it relevant to the answer, but we do encourage all answers to be your own work. You can link to Wikipedia using the "Related Links" section of the answer.

How do you send your own question on 'WikiAnswers'?

You just have - and by doing so, you have answered your own question !

Are Wikipedia and WikiAnswers a joined search engine?

No. Wikimedia Foundation and Answers Corporation are not related in any way. Wikimedia Foundation owns Wikipedia, and Answers Corporation own WikiAnswers. They only share the "wiki" part because both sites get their information from the public, and both are edited mostly by amateurs.

How do you track down a car you used to own?

You have to hire a detective who has sources for private dmv info.

Why do people erase your answers on WikiAnswers?

Erasing factual answers should only be done if they are wrong or incomplete. Erasing answers to replace with your own is considered rude. However, anyone may change an answer to correct or improve it. (There is a tab on the answer pages to report abuses.)

Why does WikiAnswers answer questions?

WikiAnswers answers questions because they liked to help people who cannot answer certain questions. ... but sometimes, us Wikianswerers would like Wikiquestioners to do a bit of work for themselves - like doing their own term papers (!)

Why wiki doesn't have enough answers?

The amount of questions that come in the WikiAnswers are 10x faster than the amount of answers that get written. This is mainly because the community is volunteer ran so everyone comes and goes at their own pace.

How long has the answers website been around?

WikiAnswers was '...Created in 2002 by Chris Whitten as FAQ Farm...' and changed it's name to WikiAnswers in 2006. Full details can be found in it's own Wikipedia entry - see related link.

No sound in WikiAnswers?

Yes, there is no sound in Wikianswers. However, you can listen to your own music.

Can you listen to music on Answers com? are information sites. They do not stream music nor do they have music you can download. You can play your own in the background with a music player or you can install the Answers com tool bar and stream radio stations.

What do you call someone who answers their own questions?

A contributor. Asking questions as well as answering questions is what WikiAnswers is all about, even if you answer your own question. The goal is to contribute the Q&A to the site and share the knowledge. So it's perfectly acceptable to answer your own questions.

Why do teachers tell us not to go on WikiAnswers?

Due to the fact that WikiAnswers' answers can be answered or edited by anyone, teachers assume some answers are false or contains inappropriate language. Some answers are not detailed enough or misinterpret the question through different contexts. Other teachers would rather have you learn the material on your own, rather than being just handed the answers, as knowledge worked for is retained better and easier to recall during tests.

Who own the AnswerThon?

WikiAnswers is the owner of the AnswerThon. It was made up by and run by the WikiAnswers staff.