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The only way you can transfer from your PC to the phone and vice versa is by use of the nec data cable and software your PC will show it as a removable media device

even though it has bluetooth you can only use that to connect to your PC as a modem!!

i am very dissapointed with nec for this as the main selling point to me was its bluetooth

a cable will cost around �10.00

and the software about �8.00

there are lots of places on the internet that sell them look around to find the cheapest

hope that help

T�ev �

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:42:54
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Q: How do you transfer files from your computer onto the NEC e616v phone?
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Transfer files from computer to cell phone?


Why is my computer telling me to insert a disc when I try to transfer files to my phone?

You cant directly. Plug it into a laptop with bluetooth and then transfer the files to the phone using that.

How do you put a video onto your computer from your phone?

It depends on the type of phone. iPhones can use iTunes to transfer files between the phone and a computer, or can use the iCloud to automatically synchronise files. Other phones, such as Nokia, use proprietary software. USB or Bluetooth is a common transfer medium, however you need a driver for the phone installed on the computer in order to recognise the phone as a storage device to actually transfer files between the two. Usually the phone manufacturer provides all the required software for free.

Can you transfer pictures from a memory card to a Samsung impression?

Yes, you can transfer the pictures from the memory card to a computer. Then transfer from the computer to the phone using the usb data cable that came with the phone. If you do not want to do that, you can take the memory card (not the sim card) out of the phone, find an adapter and connect it to your computer directly. Then transfer files.

How do I retrieve photos from a black Samsung S5 to replacement S5?

Connect the damaged phone to a computer - and copy the files you need to a folder. Disconnect the damaged phone and connect the new one - then transfer the files from the computer to the phone.

How do you put music on your android from virgin mobile?

Get a USB cable for your phone and log into your computer. Then go to computer/music and transfer your music files to your phone.

How do you download music onto your phone for free?

beemp3 or you can download youtube files on your computer convert them to mp3 then transfer to your phone.

How do you USB pictures from your computer to cell phone?

there will be a usb file typically with a usb picture next to it in the files you drag the photo files you want from your computer to that file and it will transfer it

How do you transfer pics from your computer to iPhone?

open the folder on your computer that has the pictures in and then plug your phone into the computer and open the folder that contains your phones files and drag the pictures from the computer folder to your phone folder.

How do you transfer files from one cell phone to another?

There are many ways to transfer files between phones depending on the type of phone and the features that the carrier has disabled. Some phones allow file transfer between phones via Bluetooth. If that is not possible, you might be able to use MMS messaging to transfer the file depending on the file type. Finally, you could connect both phones to a computer, transfer the file to the computer and then from the computer to the other phone.

How do you transfer files from mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth?

How do you transfer files from mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth?

I can't download coolromcom files on my android phone they always fail Any help?

Try downloading the files to your computer, connecting your Android phone via USB cable, and using a downloadable utility like ANDROID FILE TRANSFER to transfer the file to your phone.

How do you transfer pictures from one phone to another?

If you have a computer cord for your phone you can probably connect your phone to the computer and transfer your files from your phone to a folder in your computer (you should probably name that document phone, phone pictures, etc). once you've transferred the pictures just plug in your other phone and put them on that! then you can delete or save the file to keep your contacts, photos, etc safe!! ☺

Can you transfer music from your iPod to your phone?

You can. All you must do is plug the ipod into the USB on your computer. Next, transfer with itunes to your computer. Next, plug in the phone usb adapter into your computer and transfer from computer to phone.

How do you put music off your computer onto your phone?

You can use a program called BitPim to transfer files between your computer and your phone. Depending on your phone and carrier, you might need a data cable to use this software. Otherwise, you will be able to use Bluetooth to transfer.

Which iPhone App can be used to send mp3 files over bluetooth to another phone?

A professional iphone transfer can help you transfer your iPhone files to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Learn more here: It can: 1、Transfer files from iPhone to iPhone(iPhone to iPhone transfer) 2、Transfer files from iPhone to local computer(iPhone to Computer transfer) 3、Transfer files from iPhone to iTunes(iPhone to iTunes transfer) 4、Transfer files from local files to iPhone without iTunes 5、Supports all sorts of devices

I connected my phone into my computer and it won't show in the computer's file What do i do?

Depending on what phone you have, some phones might need to enable it on the Phone. For instance if your trying to transfer Music youll need to connect the devices and Sync the files.

What are the GPRS settings for an NEC e338 mobile phone?

how i GPRS setting in my NEC e616v mobile phone

How can you get audio from a disc on to your phone?

If your phone has a USB connection then you can plug it into a computer. Insert the disc you want the audio from into the cd-rom drive of the computer. Transfer the files from the disc's storage to the phone's storage.

How do you send songs to nokia vodafone in from the internet?

Download the MP3 files to your computer then use the Nokia connectivity software and cable to connect the phone to your company. Then transfer the MP3 files.

How do you transfer photos from thumb drive to iphone?

The thumb drive needs to first transfer all photos to the computer that is linked with the phone. Transfer the photos to iTunes, hook the phone up to the computer and then transfer them to the phone.

How do you download music from laptop music to lg android cell phone?

I had an LG phone which was able to transfer information to a computer via Bluetooth. Bluetooth adapters are available which plug into the USB port of a computer. The cable which came with the phone may be able to transfer information to and from a computer, as well. If your phone has a slot for a micro-sD card, then you could put the files onto that from the computer, then put the card into your phone's slot, and then transfer into your phone, that way. Check with LG's website or your cell phone provider's website for information specific to your model of phone.

A Bluetooth Cell Phone Can Transfer Files Easily?

All your cell phone needs in order to transfer files back and forth from your computer with ease is bluetooth. If you are looking for a phone that will let you transfer things like pictures and ring tones, look for a bluetooth cell phone. Bluetooth is a such a common feature now that it should be available with almost every phone on the market, including many options that are usually free with your cell phone plan. If your computer doesn't have bluetooth installed, you can find a USB bluetooth dongle for very little money at most computer stores that will work fine.

What do you use ftp server setting in blue tooth menu for?

You use FTP to transfer files quick and easily from, for example, phone to computer

How do you put files from a computer onto a phone?

It depends on the type of phone, but usually you can just use a cord to plug up to you computer and put files on there.

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