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医疗效果 (yi1 liao2 xiao4 guo3)

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Q: How do you translate iatrogenic effects into Chinese?
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If one wants to translate something from the Chinese language, they can go to Google translate

How do you translate and in Chinese?

this is it 和

What is an iatrogenic infection?

An iatrogenic infection is one actually caused by accidental medical actions. Iatrogenic means a complication as a result of treatment. Iatrogenic means that was caused by a doctor, or by a treatment prescribed by a doctor.

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There are a few ways to translate an email you have received from Chinese to English. 1. Ask someone who reads Chinese to translate it for you. 2. Email the email to someone who reads Chinese to translate it for you. 3. Buy/use a program that will translate Chinese to English on your computer. 4. Use an online Chinese-English translator (Use any search engine and search for 'Online Chinese English Translator'.

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You translate it from English into Chinese.

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What is itrogenicis?

Iatrogenic ?

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Same to you would translate in Chinese to 'Tóng'.

What is iatrogenic malnutrition?

Iatrogenic malnutrition is a protein-calorie malnutrition brought on by treatments, medications and hospitalization. Iatrogenic: induced inadvertently ( accidentally) by a doctor, medical treatment or diagnostic procedures.

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