How do you transport an adopted dog from FL to MA through people handling?

Assuming, you will be driving and with the dog, during transport:

1. Buy a kennel big enough for your dog, and make sure Fido has comfortable bedding. You can also buy inserts for Kennels.

2. Use an old towel and sleep with it prior to your trip (to get your scent on it)

3. Once the dog is in the Kennel,and in the Vehicle (with ample food and water) ,place your body scented towel over the Kennel,so the dog can smell you. It will be less stressful for Fido, and he should just fall asleep, soundly in his Kennel.

4.Make frequent stops along the way so Fido can relieve himself, and have a little stretch.

If you are flying you will still have to Buy a Kennel that is Air Certified. If your dog is small enough some Airlines allow you to bring Fido on board with you, as long as he can fit under your seat. Otherwise, he will have to go to cargo. To note: Not a good idea to fly when weather conditions are cold. Check with your Airlines.