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Respiratory infections can cause lung and mouth pain. They need medical attention as soon as any symptoms (bubbles around nose or mouth, shallow breathing, lethargy) appear.

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Q: How do you treat a red-ear slider respiratory infection?
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What is use of taxim-o 200 tablet?

Antibacteria treat broad number of infection range upper respiratory infection lower respiratory infection gonorrhea tymphoid

Can you treat upper respiratory infection with amox-clav 875mg tablets?


What will treat respiratory fungal infection?

You need to go to the doctor and get special medication.

Will azithromycin treat urinary tract infection?

It is recommended for respiratory infections and not suitable for UTI

How do you treat an upper respiratory infection on a 5 month old cat?

This is best treated by a professional. Respiratory problems can be life threatening.

What kind of infection cephalexin cure?

It is generally used for upper respiratory infections (bacterial), but can be used to treat a UTI (urinary tract infection).

What antibiotic treats a respiratory infection in a human?

Many different antibiotics may be used to treat a respiratory infection in a person. The choice depends on what is causing the infection as well as how well the patient responds to antibiotics tried before. Of course, if the respiratory infection is viral in nature, no antibiotic would be used becasue they are not effective against viruses.

What diseases does Echinacea treat?

Upper respiratory tract infections, boils, wounds, urinary infection, yeast infection, fevers, hemorrhoids, pyorrhea and gingivitis.

Can you give Prednisone for respiratory infection?

Prednisone decreases inflammation in the airways and may help symptoms, but will not treat an infection. In fact, Prednisone hinders the body's ability to fight infection.

How do you treat a respiratory infection in a gerbil?

You need to take your gerbil to a vet who works with exotic animals so you can get the right antibiotic.

Will amoxocillin for humans treat respiratory infection in a dog?

do vets perscribe the same kinds of antibiotics to dogs that are used for humans?

How can you treat a cat with a snotty nose?

It could be a sign that the cat has a respiratory infection, and you may not be able to treat it yourself. A good veterenarian can tell you what it is and prescribe medication if necessary.

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