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change plugs fuel filter and air cleaner.and check plug leads for resistance,the only other thing you can do is check for fault codes.but you cant set timing you cant set mixtures all done by pcm

The first fuel filter is in the petrol tank itself as fuel system is an inline pressure system. If your car is running rich or lean it is more likely to be a vacuum hose that forms part of the motors sensor system for the EMU (engine manangement unit - computer).

Check the hose from the manifold directly at the back of the throttle body - It should be about 5mm fat with a two or three mm hole in it (roughly, from memory). This hose originally cracked and died and would result in all sorts of "tuning" issues.

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Q: How do you tune a 1994 ef falcon 6 cylinder?
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When was Ford EF Falcon created?

Ford EF Falcon was created in 1994.

Which brand manufactured Ef Falcon?

Ford manufactured roughly 200,000 EF Falcons in Australia between 1994 to 1996. This six cylinder sedan was replaced after only two years by the EL Falcon.

How do you remove the inhibitor switch on a ef falcon?

how to remove inhibitor switch on ef falcon

Does ef falcon rotors fit on a au falcon?


How do you set the ignition timing on a 6 cylinder ford ef falcon?

You can't the computer does it, just get electronic diagnostic check

What type of oil filter suits an EF Falcon?

Assuming it's a six cylinder, then its a Ryco Z9. Ryco is the brand.

How do you change the transmission fluid of Automatic Ford Falcon EF 1994-1995?

Through the dipstick Through the dipstick

How do you syphon fuel from 1994 Ford Falcon EF?

Use a mechanical hand pump that you can purchase at almost any of our parts store.

Will a computer for a 1994 ed Ford Falcon work in a 1995 Ford Falcon?

y would you want a 1994 ed computer in a 1995 car the 1994s are bad as from working on fords for 11 years i can tell u that a 1994 ed is one of the refind cars compared to a ef, to answer ur question, no, a ed falcon six cyl has a distributer and ef has coil pack, an ed computer has a 64 pin connector, an ef has only 59, if u step up to el falcon eec 5, it will fit ur ed eec4, ive done this to my old eb, i also think that it went better also, hopes this helps, cheers

How do you remove Ef falcon stereo?

Use your hax to do it

Do AU Falcons have the same stud pattern as the wheels on an EF Falcon?

NO they changed after EF AU an BA are they same

How do you install electric windows Ford Falcon ef?


Where Headlight relay on Ford Falcon EF?

Where you least expect it.

Ef falcon is miss firing and runs rough. Had coil replaced and tune still problems?

Have you checked the o2 sensor, map sensor. will cause rough running problems assuming it hasn't got a blown head gasket. does it start on six cylinders when stone cold? assuming it's a six cylinder.

Ford Ef falcon fuse box diagram?

Go to any local library and borrow the EF service manual, that's what I do.

What kind of transmission fluid do you use in a 6 cylinder 1995 EF Ford Falcon?

i use valvoline type "d" oil. You will find all e-series falcons use it.

Do the EF falcon and fairmont use same fuel pumps?


How do you flush radiator ef falcon?

have sex with two girls and on a monday have a blowjob

Where is the horn located on EF XR6 Falcon?

the dotted area on the steering wheel.

Location of fuel pump fuse in ef falcon?

under the coolant reservoir

Where is the starter relay in 1994 ef falcon?

most likely under your overflow tank behind your battery.. it is a grey relay with a yellow and purple wires coming off the side on another relay

Where is the map sensor on ef el falcon?

the map sensor is on the outside of the throttle body.

Can you fit a EL Ford Falcon front bumper into a EF Ford Falcon?

yes you can, as long as its not an xr series, the radiator support panel is different

How do you reset service light on Ford Falcon?

Hi, Assuming it is a EF / EF Falcon - May work for EA - BA Ford EF / EL Falcon - Turn of service reminder light Insert Keys Press odometer button and hold Turn key to ignition position (Lights on) Hold odometer button until you hear a beep · Service Light Is Reset

Speedo cable replacement 95 ef falcon?

they don't have speedo "cables". their all electric.