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You do not. It is fantasy. Fiction. Pretend. Unreal.
Get bitten by a werewolf and stare directly at a full moon. you should notice desired effects within 10-20 seconds
You can't physically change into a wolf, but you spiritually change into one. It's called being a "were", which is when you share the spirit of an animal, such as a wolf.And you can't become a were, it's just a trait that shows up only in certain people, usually appearing from ages 12-18, when puberty is happening or there about. It's a hard process to explain, and hard to tell if you're actually a were or not, but certain traits and abilities and characteristics of the animal will have appeared from you thought your whole life, etc etc, blah blah blah, you get the picture. If you're still interested, try researching the topic through a library or internet or any other preferred methods. :)

i've got a slightly different take, although i am open to anyone's beliefs


First off, If you are serious and NOT joking and you really think you are a werewolf, you're not alone. But we are VERY few. Some believe that they can physically transform. I personally do not believe this. However, there are miner changes such as heightened senses, increased amounts of energy/strenght, and then there are the cravings. For blood, or any type of red meat. These "symptoms" increase around the full moon, but may be present any time the moon is visible. Each cycle of the moon may be different. one often not being the same strength as the next cycle. The more strength, the more "symptoms."

here are some characteristics most "werewolves" will have. Use it as a checklist.

*ability to run/walk ( with a fairly mobile gate) on all fours (hands/feet, knees DO NOT count.)

*exact or very close-to imitation and understanding of canines, including howl/growl/whine/bark/ canine/ lupine facial & body language

*ability to move ears up/down. back/forward (slight movement, but to the point that it is noticeable) Some of us use our ears just as dogs/ wolves do, but the average person is unaware.

*Cravings for blood/ even cannibalistic thoughts (desired or undesired) and VERY rearely is anyone stupid enough to actually kill/ harm another person. this would result in more harm than good. For the sane, the consequences if found guilty of murder out-way the benefits.

*great hearing/sense of smell/ night vision (as humans go)

*obsessed with the moon- paying close attention to and even sometimes knowing when it is there even if it is not visible. (we know it is there when we feel an increase in our senses/energy level/ cravings.)

*may experience times where one cannot break their stare at the moon, feeling in a fog/ light-headed, or unbalanced/ feel as though they are being pulled to "the position" (aka position in which you would walk/run on all fours.)

*urge to rip/tear/destroy objects with teeth. object examples being: jeans, sheets, pillows, etc.

*Some, not all: have a history of self-injury, often for no other reason than to calm their cravings for blood/meat.

*Great interest in the canine species at a young age, easily grasping canine forms of communication.

*Do NOT like crowds of people, prefer to be left alone/ limited amount of people/ certain types of people/ with animals.

*have a strong compassion a respect to nature and the wild.

*feel at home and calm in the mountains or a place with lots of wooded areas.

*distracted easily by movement, often having impulsive thoughts to chase it.

*Prefer night rather than day.

*Do not get cold easily, especially when the moon is present/ visible.

*May develop a dislike of cats

* Majority are DISGUSTED with vampires.

*Anger/ irritability/ change in normal mood (in some cases) is prevalent close to/prior to/when the moon is out.

*Most of us have to find a way to channel our energy so we are not constantly pushed to be destructive.

*Some grow to be, or are already welcomed by who we are/what gift possess we. but we may feel guilty at times/ even at some points in our lives feel that it is more a curse than a gift. the feeling of being "cursed" might be more likely to occur in earlier stages of life; around ages 5-16.

*there are manny "fakers" and a true werewolf can pick them out.

*May become obsessive over the sharpness of one's teeth. Some even go so far as to cosmetically sharpening them. But that is rare.

*May strongly believe your spirit is part wolf: one also might often feel as though he/she is a wolf trapped in a human's body.

*We all have varied beliefs/ opinions. Some are very secretive, others can seem depressed or sad, while others are just the opposite. But we all share a fondness for "darkness".
In irland, swizerland, Asia, and Africa, they say that if you where born in march you can turn into a were-wolf if you try hard enough

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