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How do you turn off the seat belt light on a 1999 Rav4?

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Put your seat belt on. if that doesn't work (i suspect if you're asking that it doesn't) the problem is either in the drivers seatbelt receiver, which has a switch that turns the light off when you put the belt in it, or the retractor which has a sensor for the same purpose. you can turn the light off by finding out which is bad and replacing it.

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Where is the jack on a 1999 Toyota rav4?

under the drivers seat.

How do you turn off the seat belt light?

wear a seat belt.

How do you disable the seat belt warning light on a 1999 Chevy Prism?

i have 98 prizm lsi, same problem. just pull the seat belt a little farther the warning light should go off.

How long does the seat belt warning light stay on?

Until the seat belt is buckled.

If seat belt is fastened will fasten seat belt light go off?


Why might the seat belt light not go out when the belt is fastened on a 1988 Nissan Maxima?

That light will go out as soon as you fasten every seat belt in the car.

How do i turn the seat belt light off on my 2000 Oldsmobile intrique?

Put your seat belt on.

How do you fix a driver side seat belt light that blinks even when you are wearing your seat belt?

the receiver for the belt has a sensor. if it fails the light will continue to flash even though the belt is buckled. replace it!

How do you turn off the seat belt warning light on a 2000 Toyota corolla?

by putting you're seat belt on?....

If the seatbelt fuse blows on a 94 madza truck will it affect the seat belt?

No, blowing the seat belt fuse on the 1994 Mazda truck will not affect how the seat belt works. It will cause the seat belt light to remain off even when the belt is not buckled.

How do you fix no seat belt warning light or sound warning on 2003 Hyundai Santa fe?

Plug The Seat belt in.

Why is the seat belt light is always on even if you are wearing the belt?

Check under the seat and see if the wires are unhooked or broken.

How do you turn off the seat belt warning light on a 1997 Volkswagen Passat?

It usually goes of if you put on your seat belt.

Instrument cluster seat belt warning on 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport 6-cylinder 4.0 Ltr not operating Light comes on with key on ON position but goes out checked seat belt works ok?

It's normal for the light to come then go out. It's part of the start-up diagnostic, checking all systems. However if the light comes on and stays on even after you have put your seat belt on then you could have a problem.

Why 90 civic seat belt light always on?

Because they dont have sensor in seat

How does a seat belt sensor know you are in the seat?

If there is weight on the seat, it senses that (probably a spring systme), and if the seat belt isn't in the buckle (there's a sensor there as well), the light flashes or it beeps.

Seat belt light stays on?

The seat belt light on a car will stay on if it does not detect that the buckle has been locked into place. The sensor can also be defective or the wires can come loose.

How can you get rid of sealt belt light?

PUT YOUR SEAT BELT ON THE LIGHT WILL GO OUT WHEN YOU WEAR IT There are instructions in the owner's manual for how to disable the nagging seat belt light. It's a convoluted sequence of plug & unplug the seat belt, do the hokie pokie, etc, something that could never be done accidentally. It may take you a couple of tries to get it right.

How do you fix locked seat belt on 1999 dodge ram 1500?

yhere is a seat belt module under middle front seat try disconnect battery first that worked for me

What does a yellow symbol of a person with a line across the lap and a D above it mean on the dashboard of a 1999 mercury cougar?

put your dam seat belt onIncorrect:The mentioned light is not the seat belt light, that is red. What you are seeing is the Airbag system light. It should come on when you start the car to show that the system is ready and waiting to save you life.

How do you stop blinking seatbelt light on 1999 corolla?

In a 1999 Toyota Corolla when the seat feels the pressure of a passenger but does not have a seat belt connected a signal will be sent to the ECU causing the blinking seatbelt light. Although not recommended a consumer can disconnect the seatbelt light switch located underneath the vehicle to turn off this safety feature.

What does the safety belt alert light tell us?

Your seat belt is not buckled. Buckle your seatbelt!

Seat belt light stays in 1989 delta olds?

The seat belt light will stay on in a 1989 Delta Olds if the belt is not properly buckled or it is not detected by the sensor. Forcefully locking the belt into place or checking for a blown fuse can also correct this problem.

How do you reset the seat belt light on a 2004 ford f150?

Simply fastening your seat belt should put the light out. If you have a heavy object sitting on the passenger side seat like a tool box or such that could trick the light to come on. If not you have something disconnected or broken.

Your fasten seat belt light stays on the dash in your 99 prism when your seat belt is fastened what does this mean if anything?

Check the wiring to the seat belt anchors. I would suspect you will find a wire loose, broken, or unhooked.