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How do you turn off your SES light after repairs?


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2015-07-15 19:08:35
2015-07-15 19:08:35
You can also disconnect the battery for about 30 seconds.You can do it with a code scanner, most major auto part stores can do it or you can buy one.

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The ABS light is on because there is a problem with the system. The light will remain on until it is fixed. Take it to a garage for repairs.

Usually there is a knob that clicks when you turn it, as you turn it the light will go on and off.

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Turn on the light, turn off the light. Turning off the light, nullifies the action of turning on the light -- to undo.

If its the maintanence reminder, hold the trip odometer reset button and turn the ignition on. After about 10 seconds it will stop flashing or go off. If its the SES light, then you need a scantool

In a lighting circuit an open circuit will turn off the light.

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The light is on because there is a problem with the SRS. Have it repaired by a pro, and he will turn off the light.

The light is on do to a malfunction in the system. The problem will need to be fixed for the light to turn off.

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Well, you can turn off the light in the lighthouse. No cheats. Simple. Go there and turn off the switch thing beside the light. To turn it back on, turn it on.

the light comes on to tell you of a problem there are codes that indicate a problem you need a scan tool to find the part involved and a diagnostic procedure to determine the repairs needed

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You would have to pull courtesy light fuse, if they are to be open for extended period for repairs, just disconnect batt

How do you turn off the change oil light on a Chevysilverado 2002

You can turn on and off the inside light by pulling in/out the switch for the front lights.

It means the traction control system is on and that your car will less likely spin out or over rev for regular driving leave the system on so it means the light will not be there

Flip the light switch into the down or off position.

You need an OBD tester to show what the problem is and to turn the light off. I believe you can lift the battery ground for a few seconds to turn the light off,but it will probably come back on.

Yes (During the holiday, you can't turn on a light, turn off a light, turn on a car, turn off a car etc. But during The intermediate days, you can.)

You can turn the traction control on and off. If the light is on, then it is turned off or there is a problem. Read your owner's manual.

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only way to turn off an ABS light is to fix the problem in the brake system that originally turned the light on

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