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Hi, I had a similar problem on my 1999 Venture. I found it was the Booster that went bad. I replaced it and still have the ABS light ON. I bleed the brakes (on these anti-skid systems I bleed the brakes without power) and still had the ABS light ON. Long story longer, when the booster went bad it shorted the ABS Brake Computer ($800)underneath the drivers seat. I had to return to my duty station and had to let the GM pro's figure it out. The computer plus the labor was $1100. Thanks GM for raping me!!!

I had the same problem with my 2001 Venture except mine was caused by a broken sensor wire on the front right wheel hub. It occured right after replacing front brake pads. The sensor is not sold separatly so I had to replace the complete front wheel hub. ABS now works great!

As for the first guy, sounds like a misdiagnosis to me. Never heard of a booster shorting a computer! Anyway, i agree it sounds like you may have damaged a sensor or sensor wire while doing the brakes

Try bleeding the master cylinder pump under the hood, if it has bleed points, mine is a 99 venture and I kept bleeding there first because I wasn;t getting any fluid to the back brakes. After all that my ABS and BRAKE dash light went off.

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Q: How do you turn the abs light off in a 2002 Venture van after it came on changing the front pads?
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