How do you unclog your toilet drain when you flush all the water comes out under the bottom of the toilet onto the floor?


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pull the toilet. Make sure the trap is clear on the toilet, and then snake the toilet line.


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You find an entry point and put an auger or drain snake into it. The entry point can be where a toilet sits on the floor (remove the toilet) or any "Y" point in a pipe that has a plug screwed into it.

I've found a way a lot simpler than drain - o. Get you a toilet plunger and use it. I was shocked at what came up from my drain. I seen a plumber at the hospital do this when i was admitted and i thought - WOW~! no chemicals or nothing. Just a good ole toilet plunger.

You can unclog a drain using multiple techniques. One of the most popular ways is to use a draining liquid such as Draino, and pour it down the drain.

The clog is below the point where the toilet and the tub join the drain.

A bar of soap is going to get soft fairly quickly and should pass on through. A plumbers snake can be used to dislodge it and get it into the drain. Plunging the toilet should cause it to go one way or the other.

If you have some Baking Soda and Vinegar, this can be used to unclog a drain. If the drain is really backed up, you could use a wire hanger to unclog it. Simply bend the wire hanger into a hook thin rod with a hook at the end and use it to push and scrape debris out of the drain.

Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour Docotrs fix things if your sink does not work they unclog the drain they mak a sandwich an hour

The wax ring which seals the toilet to the drain is leaking. turn off water, drain tank by flushing. Disconnect water line. remove tank, unbolt toilet from floor. Remove any old wax from toilet and drain. Replace with new wax ring. Reset toilet and press firmly into place.

the purpose of the toilet is to go #2 & #3 and for the waste that comes out to go down the drain and get clean and it does it over and over again

You dont. A tub drain is too small for a toilet drain. You need to hire a professional to find a main line 3" or bigger to tie into for a toilet drain.

Sounds like you main drain is leaking in the basement.

It is not very hard to unclog a drain system. You will need to first know what might have clogged it. Then there are several home remedies to unclog that you can use. Some examples are baking soda and vinegar, but before trying anything figure out what might have clogged it.

The first step to unclog a bathtub drain is to remove the drain cover and clean under the surface of the drain. Next, use a wire hanger or purchase a special drain claw and use it to clear the clog. If the drain is still clogged up, pour some boiling water down the drain.

No, a tub drain is too small for toilet plumbing. Toilet drains needs at least a 3" drain line and vented.

Usually toilet flange is glued down onto plastic drain pipe. There is a toilet flange that can be glued inside of plastic drain pipe also.

With Drano or another drain cleaner, or you can use bleach but it's less effective.

The toilet flange sits on the floor and connects the toilet to the drain. It should connect to both.

Using a product such as Drano is a great way to unclog a drain.

Yes, as long as drain line is sized properly for toilet. 3" drain line would be minimum pipe size for toilet drain line to tie into.

call a repair man [or] do it by hand;)

You should use a plumbing snake to clear a clog.

If you are asking how far the drain is from the wall behind the toilet, it is 12 inches from the center of the drain to the wall behind the toilet.

On a standard toilet in America the drain is 12 inches from the back wall to the center of the drain.

You should pour hot water down your drain. Hot water will open up your drain quickly. If you don't have hot water put some on the stove and unclog away, and this should work.

To unclog a drain that is clogged up with eggshells, first remove as many of the shells as possible. Then pour in a lot of vinegar, which will soften the shells, and let it soak for at least a day. Try using a plunger to clear the drain after that. Repeat the process if necessary.

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