What was the purpose of the toilet?


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the purpose of the toilet is to go #2 & #3 and for the waste that comes out to go down the drain and get clean and it does it over and over again

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A toilet is used to go #1 and #2 and hurl...

so you dont have to look at it and it doesnt smell.

Um... I guess so you have a private place to go to the toilet, have a shower, etc.

i dont know but i think it was for people not to smell things after they do there business

This type of toilet is more like a full stand alone unit. In closed coupled toilets the cistern itself is mounted directly on top of the toilet bowl. People use this option of toilet because there are no pipes visible around the unit and it has a seamless look.

nothing..just for fun to let money get flushed down the toilet

It depends on the way it is set up, normally the water is from the same source, but using water in the toilet for any purpose other that flushing is NOT recommended..

Only if you feed them and have water circulation. If you flush the toilet often or use it for it's main purpose, the snails will probably be flushed away or poisoned. If you clean the toilet bowl and they are living there they will be killed. They can, however, probably live in the tank of the toilet, considering that the water circulates. With no source of food, though, they will die. ~Wigglerthefish Fish Help Forum

Either you don't have the toilet pulled down tight enough to squeeze the ring all the way around or the gap between the flange and toilet is too wide. They make wax rings for this purpose or you can use one on top of another.

By putting a lot of toilet paper in the toilet.

Toaleta is a Romanian equivalent of 'toilet'.

Yes, you can adjust the toilet clog to clause your toilet to overflow.

The knobs on the bottom of the toilet hold the toilet to the bolts that in turn hold the toilet in place on the floor.

The toilet is not exactly a house's greatest asset due to its obvious purpose, but it helps if you can spruce it up and help it blend in a little more with the house's "look." To give your toilet new, inviting life, invest in a matching rug and toilet seat cover set that can make the area look visually appealing. Also, cabinets that hover over the toilet are very common to make the area more laid back and less awkward. The area your toilet sits in doesn't have to be an awkward space with no real attributes or features. Decorate it and spice it up!

TOILET in a sentence: Go plunge the toilet my dear! Ew, that's gross, there are stains on the toilet! Go use the toilet in the ladies room, Annie.

It is preferable if the toilet roll holder is placed within the toilet itself. Usually it is within reach of the person using the toilet.

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There is no washer in a toilet.

the different kinds of toilets are the flush toilet, urinals, squat toilet, pit toilet and the incinerating toilet

No thick toilet paper is not responsible for clogging the toilet, Toilet paper of any thickness is designed to flush away.

The standard height for a toilet is 16", and 17.5" for a handicap toilet.

they are toilet bowl cleaner and the thing that sites buy the toilet

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