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How do you understand a girl?

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You just try to remember that they are not a completely different species. They are just like any boy (but, granted, they can sometimes be more emotionally sensitive than boys). All you have to do is ask her how you can help. She wants somebody to understand.

This is coming from a girl. I know.

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How can you understand that boys like a girl?

You can understand that by their movements approaching the girl. They will hesitate somehow, will be shy talking to the girl.

How can a boy understand that a girl likes her?

A boy can understand only if the girl tells him. He cannot know without any hint.

How can you understand that a girl likes a guy?

when the girl follows him and when she talks about it with her friends!!

How you understand the boy is virgin?

Same as with a girl - you ask him.

How can you understand your love to a girl?

you either love her or you dont

If a girl has been misunderstood then what you should do?

pretend to understand her

Should you ask a girl out even if you barely understand her?

the best thing to do is get to know her as a friend, then when you "understand" her ask her out.

How can you know that the boy understand a girl?

You don't. If you wanna be the typical girl and say "No man will understand", that's you. If you wanna be the blind girl and say "I love my man and he'll always understand", that's you. Personally, I wouldn't try your luck. You're so unsure that you came on a website asking for a solution to this. -Fact

What should you do if a girl says she is scared of you?

ask her why, be there for her and try to understand

What should a 13 year old girl do?

I dont understand.............

How can you trust a girl?

By feeling pity for her or understand her feelings and trust.

Can a girl know if a guy is a virgin?

No, there is no way to understand this for girls.

Do girl friends count as aliens?

Girlfriends do not count as aliens but can sometimes be as hard to understand as an alien life form. A girl friend is easier to understand if you will pay attention to her when she talks and listen to her concerns.

How can you understand if a girl likes you?

All u have to do is be nice to the girl u like and she will lie u in return. YW

A girl sayes its sick when you say you like her what does that mean?

I think the girl might not be into guys. or i might not understand your question.

What do the Jonas borthers like in a girl?

a girl who can understand there schedule, has the same morals and beliefs as them, and acts like a lady.

What do you do when you are a girl and you fancy a hot girl?

you live. understand that you are be or lezbian. so what if no one likes it? you are you and that's all that matters.

How do you get a girl to understand that you truly love her?

you tell her and if she doesn't belive you prove it.

When the boy the girl she feel something her body?

i dont understand the question

Is a weight equal to a pound?

i do not understand i am a 9 years old girl.

How can you understand that a girl loves you?

a girl will show that she loves you in many ways when she forgives all your mistakes and when she always thinks you are right when you make her smile for no reason really there is no way for you to understand it i guess you just have to see it

How do you understand girls' mentality?

Girls are as complex as boys and every girl is different. There is no way to work out something and then you know how every girl works, just like there is no way like that to work out all boys. All you can do is get to know the girl(s) who matter(s) very well and sooner or later you will understand her if you try to and if she is willing to let you understand her.

What kind of girl Nick Jonas wants?

He wants a girl who is down-to-earth, realistic, has good humor, and understands him. He wants a girl who can understand that he will have his concert tours and performances. He wants a girl that cares for him, accepts him for who he is, and treats him with respect. Understand this as well, he is the kind of a person that will do the same for the girl he dates. He will treat her with care, love, and respect just as long as she does the same. ;)

Is flameslinger a boy or a girl?

Flameslinger is a boy, for you that think he is a girl are wrong.But I can understand if you thought wrong, sense he has a pony tail.

How understand girl loving someone?

If you want to understand why a girl is loving someone else, then ask her what she wants and wether she loves you. I'm sorry if this answer is not good as you didnt really make the title very clear. Answerbook