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In order to get it out, you have 2 options. The radio is mounted to a plate directly behind the radio. Take the glove box, and flip it down out of the way. Remove the 2 silver 8mm/Phillips screws that attach it to the plate and it will pop out. I was able to get one screw out, but the other was too hard to get to on my car.

Option two-remove the console (the plastic which covers the shifter and the emergency brake) by removing the screws around the outside. Then remove the ashtray, then the ashtray holder plate (2 Phillips screws). Move the ashtray plate to the side, and you will see two gold colored 8mm/Phillips screws. Remove them, and this frees the plate that the radio is mounted to. Pull the whole thing out (you may need to pry the front plate a little to get the radio and frame out in one piece. Good luck. It should come right out.

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Q: How do you uninstall the factory stereo on a 1992 Honda Accord?
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