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so far the only answer is to pay the dearler $35 dollars and wait 45 min. while they clear the memory of the radio. Personally, that sounds like unpluging something until the memory is erased, but as to what I am not sure.

There is a magic code for 93' models only (each year has own code), "0532" and you enter it in during the following sequence.

1 disconnect power for at least 30 sec. 2 put key in ign. and turn to aux. power or whatever setting allows the radio to play. 3. if locked out you see Err. on the screen. 4. press Scan key 5. press am/fm key 6. press Auto M key 7 press Tune up arrow 8. Enter code 0532 9. press Scan and Auto M keys same time until radio restores (5-10 sec)

2015-07-16 18:24:05
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The error code 68, on a 1993 Mazda, is a reference to a computer problem. The problem should be addressed by a certified mechanic.

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