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You can either visit the apple shop or shop you purchased it from or look up how to reset your iPod on the internet. As long as you remember your email and password

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โˆ™ 2010-11-29 00:36:22
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Q: How do you unlock your ipod touch password if you cant remember it?
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How do you unlock linksys on ipod touch?

Put in the password. if you dont know the password you cant get on

How do you unlock your iPod when it is disabled?

You have to wait for a while if you cant remember your password you have to wipe your ipod so theres nothing on it.

i cant remember my password and cant access my acct.?

how do i retreive my password?

You locked your iPod touch and cant remember the password what should you do?

go to the store that you bought it from but if it was a present go to a store that sells i pod touch

What if you cant remember your password question?

then you should just change your password that's what i did

How can you unlock your ipod touch without itunes?

you cant or at least i cant:9

What is the password to unlock free mode gta gangster mode?

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What do you do if you cant remember your passcoce on an ipod touch?

If you cannot remember it I think you would have to take it to an Apple store and get the iTouch reset. You have to remember your email and password though. If you do not Im afraid youre stuck with a locked iTouch.

What if you forget your Google account to unclock it?

Well the best thing to do then if you cant remember ur password just dont sign out if u cant remember but if u dont just select i cant remember password and thell send u an email that will let u reset it or give u the password

How do you change your draw it password?

You cant. i remember playing that game but rly u cant change it

Cant remember my password and username for your little st pet shop?


How do you unlock my iPod on the computer?

you cant, if you forgot the password you have to restore the ipod to factory conditions

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