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Similar to how you'd do it English.

Example: I can eat the dog, but I prefer to eat chicken. (that's four verbs).


Je peut (1) manger (2) le chien, mais je préfère(3) manger(4) la poule.

Or you can add dependent clauses. I wish that you would hit him and that he would cry.

Je souhaite(1) que tu le frappe(2) et qu'il pleure(3).

You could also use the present progressive. While passing the shop, I saw a car that flies.

En passant(1) le magasin, j'ai vu(2) une auto qui vole(3).

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In French, you can use 3 verbs in a sentence by using a main verb conjugated with its subject, followed by one verb in the infinitive form and another in the past participle form. For example: "Je veux manger une Pizza avant d'aller au cinéma." (I want to eat a pizza before going to the movies.)

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Q: How do you use 3 verbs in a french sentence?
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