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How do you use a spanner wrench?

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I'm not sure what you are actually asking. But, spanner is simply the British term for what we call a wrench. Haynes manuals use British terms like boot/trunk, bonnet/hood, etc. Hope this helps. PreachJohn -- If you're asking what I was asking (and figured out) you're referring to that odd hooked "pin spanner". The trick for me was to figure out what I was supposed to hook the spanner onto and then twist like a normal wrench. I was trying to adjust the shocks on my motorcycle and it became much easier when I noticed the gear-like ring below the springs that worked admirably for getting a decent grip with the spanner to twist the adjustment ring.

2009-09-06 01:02:34
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Q: How do you use a spanner wrench?
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What does a mechanic use to tighten nuts?

spanner or a torque wrench

What is a spanner wrench?

A spanner is the British term for wrench. -Same tool, different name.

What is the difference between spanner and wrench?

spanner - british english ; wrench- american english

What is a 14 spanner?

A spanner is another word for box-end wrench. So, a 14 spanner would be a metric size 14 box-end wrench.

What does a wrench look like?

a wrench is kind of like a spanner

How do you get the hub off the axle of a full size 1995 ford bronco in order to remove the rotor?

You have to have a spanner wrench. One you have that, remove the safety ring, use your spanner wrench, and it comes right off.

What is a monkey wrench?

It is an adjustable spanner

What is called a spanner in England?


What is a spanner monkey?

wrench is generally used for tools that turn non-fastening devices or may be used for a monkey wrench - an adjustable spanner.

What is a wrench called in England?

What Americans call a wrench is called a spanner in England.

What is a hex wrench?

what the hex a wrench? Hex wrench is short for hexagonal wrench, that is a wrench or spanner designed to fit a certain size nut or bolt.

What is the tool that takes bolts out of things?

A spanner or wrench.

Is there such a tool called a spinner tool?

You may be thinking of a spanner, which is what the English call the tool that Americans call a wrench.Americans also have another tool called a 'spanner wrench'.

What is a spanner can you ues a 32 open end wrench?

Spanner is the British term for wrench. Your second question doesn't make sense, please re-write it and try again-

What is a spanner wrench used for?

A spanner wrench is often used in the plumbing industry. They are mostly used to unscrew faucets, old pipes that haven't been touched in several years.

Who uses a spanner and a saw?

"Spanner" is sort of a Britishism for "wrench". Plumbers often use wrenches. Saws are for cutting things, such as boards or pipes. Carpenters use wood saws, while plumbers often use pipe saws.

Where is the Spanner for magnet in Club Penguin?

its on the spy phone and its the wrench

What is a tool with jaws for tightening in loosening nuts?

A spanner or wrench

What does a spanner nut look like?

Exactly the same as any other nut. Spanner is just British terminology for wrench.

Where did the word 'spanner' come from?

In the 1630s, it derived from the German spanner,a tool for winding the spring of a wheel-lock firearm.The word meaning wrench is from 1790.Spanner in the works was first recorded in 1934.

What is 'renchi' when translated from Japanese to English?

spanner or wrench

What is a crescent wrench used for?

It is an adjustable spanner, an open ended spanner with a movable jaw allowing it to fit various sizes of nuts and bolts.

How do you pull a dashboard out of a Ford Falcon XD?

Use a freaking spanner and wrench dude XD Jesus man that is the funniest question i have seen in ages.

Were can you find a pin spanner wrench? in the U.S. offers several sizes of Armstrong adjustable pin spanner wrenches. Garrett Wade, also in the U.S. also offers a pin spanner wrench specifically made for removing grinding wheels on hand-held grinders like the 4" Bosch. Here's their item #: 29J03.03

Examples of a lever?

Children's seesaw Door handle Spanner/Wrench Car Jack Crowbar