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How do you use cumbersome in a sentence?

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I have become cumbersome in my old age. The cumbersome lady tripped over her own feet in the grocery store. Cumbersome means clumsy.

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How do you use the word cumbersome in a sentence?

The cumbersome boots he wore made it difficult to walk.

Cumbersome in a sentence?

Her down-filled coat was cumbersome in the small airplane seats.

What is a sentence with cumbersome?

The pyramids are so huge. Must be very cumbersome for the workers.

Sentence for the word cumbersome?

Sometimes I can be so cumbersome when I trip over an electricity cord.

How do you put Cumbersome in a sentence?

The cumbersome lady tripped over her own feet in the grocery store.

Give you a sentence using cunbersome?

I think you mean cumbersome. The heavy furniture was cumbersome and awkward to move.

What is a sentence for the word combersome?

The word you want is "cumbersome": We had to fill out several forms as part of a cumbersome registration process.

Sentence on cumbersome?

Cumbersome- clumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving1. The cumbersome girl fell at least ten times today.2. A little boy was having trouble with the cumbersomebooks.3. I hate when cumbersome people walk in front of me in a crowed store.

How do you use cumbersome as a verb?

"The load was CUMBERSOME on the small cart" Like being ungainly, unbalanced.

What is a sentence using the word cumbersome?

the karate kid failed his test on balancing because he was unwieldy

When was Cumbersome created?

Cumbersome was created on -19-07-06.

Why is it not convinient to use a constant volume gas thermometer in most practical situations?

it is cumbersome, nd it is slow.

Does cumbersome and lithe have similar meanings?

No, cumbersome means unwieldy and awkward, lithe means supple and strong

What is a word that means difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight?

Cumbersome--- meaning hard to use or handle due to size or weight.

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When to use Jones' or Jones's?

Both these forms are allowed, and it is a matter of taste. Personally, I prefer Jones' which is less cumbersome.

Does Cumbersome and miniature have similar meanings?

Not at all. Although I don't know why you wouldn't just use a dictionary and look them up.

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