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Oregano is an herb that is used in many Mediterranean cuisines, in the Middle East, the Philippines and Latin America, including Mexico. Traditionally, stems are harvested and dried and the leaves are then stripped from the stems and crushed. However, if you are in a hurry, fresh leaves can be taken from the stems and chopped. If you grow a lot of it, you can simply take cuttings and leave the rest of the plant to grow.

Oregano is most widely-known for its use on pizza, usually as part of the tomato sauce. In Turkish cuisine, oregano is used as an herb on grilled meats and kebabs. Oregano has a stronger flavor than thyme, basil or marjoram (to which it is closely related) so it tends to be used in spicy dishes, particularly for flavoring meats.

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Q: How do you use oregano plant?
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What part of the plant does oregano come from?

Oregano is the leaves of the herb plant.

What color are the flowers on an oregano plant?

The oregano plant flowers are typically purple and white in color. The oregano plant needs special care for a person to grow and take care of. The oregano plant is purple and white.

What is the scientific name of the oregano plant?

oregano vulgare

Uses of the kalabo herbal plant?

The kalabo plant is another term for oregano. Oregano is a popular spice to use in Italian cooking, but can also be used as a tea to treat indigestion.

What was the origin of dried oregano?

Dried oregano is made form the dried leaves of the oregano plant.

What is oregano plant called in Hindi?

Oregano is known as azwain in hindi, Oregano prepared from azwain leaf.

How can you use oregano in a sentence?

Oregano- Noun, a plant that is often dried and used as a spice, especially in Italian dishes.Oregano is a flavorful spice used by chefs.Sam wanted to spice up his pasta sauce, so he added some oregano.

saan ba dapat itanim ang oregano plant?

pls answer this!

Can you eat oregano season on food and get the same results as the oil of oregano?

No, the oregano that we eat is derived from the Origanum Marjoram plant. The medicinal Oregano Oil is derived from the Origanum Vulgare plant. Unfortunately, some people don't realize this and they produce oil of oregano from the Marjoram plant. Watch out for "homemade" oils. So, when you go to buy your Oregano oil make sure it is derived from the Origanum Vulgare plant. And make sure it's percentage of Carvacrol is at least 60%.

Which part of oregano plant is used for medicinal purposes?

Mainly Leaves of the Oregano plant are used for Medicinal purposes. The Essential oil of the Oregano Leaves is taken as supplement. Its widely used in USA & Canada for Allergies. You can buy Oregano oil Supplement from

Are niazbo and oregano the same plant?

Niazbo, also known as Sweet Basil or Barbrai, is Ocimum basilicum, also known as Ocimum thyrsiflorum. Oregano is Origanum vulgare.Thus, niazbo is the same plant as sweet basil, but not the same plant as oregano.

Can you use oil of oregano in your scalp?

can you use oil of oregano in your scalp can it be use for psoriasis can it be use for babies

Are coriander and oregano the same?

Coriander and oregano are not the same. Coriander and cilantro are the same, however. Generally people use the term coriander when referring to the seed and cilantro when referring to the grown plant.

What is oregano plant called in Tamil?

Orengano is a family of karpuravalli plant . Oregano is different from omam. it is also known as omavalli or commonly known as mint leaves.

What is the Latin name of the oregano plant?

Origanum vulgare.

What is the parts of oregano plant?

The leaf, the stem, the root

What is the scientific name for oregano plant?

The scientific name is Origanum. Part of the mint ( Mentha) family.

What plant makes a unpleasant smell?

The rafflesia plant makes a unpleasant smell

How do you take care of an oregano plant?

Oregano Plant is one of the plants that easy to take care of, by taking care of Oregano Plant, you should water it twice regularly (Morning & Late afternoon). Always exposed in moderate Sunlight and also make yourself interested on it. Love it, that's the Important thing.

What is the different between oil of oregano and oregano oilI need?

The difference between oil of oregano and oregano oil is nothing! One can use both types and the terms are interchangeable. Oregano oil or oil of oregano are great additions to cooking.

Does any plant look like weed?

If you have the spice of oregano, it does. But if your just talking about the plant in general, then no

What is herbal plant kalabo?

oregano/ origanum vugare; for fever and cough

What plant can add flavor to food?

rosemary parsley oregano basil

What is the scientific name of oregano plant?

The scientific name is Origanum vulgare.

Where is the oregano plant grown?

Native to Mediterranean regions, such as Greece and Crete.