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If you don't know your way around a refrigerant system get a mechanic to charge it for you. The pressures and temperatures in an operating HVAC system aren't trivial and should not be worked on by inexperienced personnel.

You can check out the website linked below. It isn't difficult to put the refrigerant into your AC system. You will be charging on the low side and depending on which gauge you are using on how to use it. Check out the website and they also have a Tech Support Line to give you detailed answers.

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Q: How do you use the gadget to put the freon in the car?
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What are the disadvantages of refilling freon 12 instead of 134 in a 134 freon designed car after pipes were rewelded after a leakage and no oil was put in with the freon?

It is illegal to use #12 due to damage to ozone layer

Where do you put the freon in a 99 cavalier?

A 1999 Cavalier does not use Freon as a refrigerant.

Does car gadget use up the car battery?

They all draw power.

Does a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird V6 use freon because i lost my manual to the car?

no, losing the manual would not cause the car to use freon.

What type freon for a Kia?

Your car uses refrigerant not Freon. Freon is a brand name put out by DuPont. All ac systems use refrigerant often mistakenly called Freon. All of them!!! Check for a decal under the hood or on the compressor for the information you seek. I believe that around 1996 car makers started using R-134A instead of R-12 refrigerant. Hope this helps.

Is it safe to use propane in a car air condition system?

NO! You would never put propane in an air conditioning system! For air conditioning to work it needs FREON. Depending on your car you need to find out what kind of freon it requires, as well.

Is freon still used in car AC repair?

No, Freon is no longer used in vehicles' cooling system. Should you take your car in for maintenance, the mechanic will use a special vacuum to remove and properly dispose of the Freon. The mechanic will then use R-134, a replacement for Freon.

Why do you not use r22 in car freon?

It's too volatile.

What kind of freon would you use in a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Freon is the trade name for R12. Your car contains R134 or R134a which is not Freon.

Were do you put freon in a Oldsmobile intrigue 1998?

never use it

Do you use freon in a car?

What is used in vehicles is called Refrigerant, freon is just a brand name used by the DuPont corporation. .......

What type of freon does a 1997 Lincoln Town Car use?


How do you put freon in a VW New Beetle?

Freon is put in the "Low" pressure side of the AC system.How to find it:When you open your hood, you'll see an AC line with an input line on it. The one closest to the front of the car is a High pressure side- DO NOT use this one.Instead go to the right side of the car and look for another AC line with another 'service port' coming from the passenger side of the car. Unscrew it, and attach your Freon line here.

Do you add coolant or freon to make a cars air conditioner work?

you use freon to cool your car and make the air conditioner work

What type of freon do i use for a Cadillac?

It depends on the year of your car. If your car is 94 and newer than you would use R-134A refrigerant.

Where do you add freon on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Freon is no longer sold and available for use in vehicles, as it is extremely toxic and bad for the ozone layer. However, if you buy the currently available and used refrigerant for your car, you open the A/C valve and put it in there.

How do you add freon to 1994 Volvo 850?

To add Freon to a 1994 Volvo 850 you will need to buy 4 cans of Arctic Ice and one can of blue dye. Use the spray can nozzle to attach to the air conditioning compressor and add the Freon. I am a certified auto AC tech and would not recommend putting 4 cans of Freon in a car AC system all at once. If you do not have gauges then put one can of Freon (refrigerant) in at a time. Have the air conditioner turned up on high, the car running and begin adding the Freon while shaking the can. When the compressor kicks on ( you should hear the compressor click on) you should almost be finished. If the compressor cycles in and out quickly this means you need more Freon. If the compressor clicks on and runs for a minute or 2 then put no more Freon in the system.

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When golfing, a tee is a vital gadget. I find an apple corer to be a vital gadget in the kitchen.

Gadget to use a lot more than?


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You have a 2001 Honda accord dx and the ac just stopped blowing cold how do you fix it?

You coud be leaking freon. Or the level of freon in the car could be low or shot. Best thing to do is to go get it checked, and get it refilled. Freon is what makes the air cold. Not sure what type of freon your car requires. Some you have to have a license to use, others you can purchase at your local auto parts store. -Allen

How to you and what's needed tp put freon in 1997 Chevy Cavaliar?

You need a licensed mechanic/service technician to replace or otherwise service air conditioning systems that use freon.

What kind of Freon does a freezer use?

Freon is a trade name. Most use Puron now.

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