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How do you use your wired broadband connection to connect your wireless laptop to the internet when there is no wireless network available?


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You have two basic options.

1.You can connect your laptop to your cable, fibre optic, or DSL modem or Ethernet port using an Ethernet cord.

2. You can connect your cable, fibre optic, or DSL modem or Ethernet port to a wireless router using a Ethernet cable. You then connect your laptop using wireless to your wireless router.


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Verizon offers both broadband and wireless internet as well as wireless and home phone service.

An example of a broadband wireless card are the internet dongles such as the Sierra wireless card which one can buy to let one connect to a wireless internet connection

if you have a broadband wireless connection from BT or O2 or the like then yes, since you already pay for internet for the wireless broadband

One can create a wireless Internet connection using an existong broadband connection by using a wireless router. Some compabies that offer such devices include Linksys and D-Link.

When comparing wireless broadband internet and DSL, Wireless Broadband(assuming it's cable,) is faster compared to DSL. However, there can be a lag in internet speed depending on how many people are using this wireless connection.

If you have broadband internet you can purchase a wireless router which will allow both wired and wireless connections.

Broadband internet is what people use for home internet and is different compared to cell phone LTE/5G internet.IVC Telecom is broadband internet provider in Canada

3G network is the third generation of broadband wireless internet. 3G is available in most high populated areas as a shared wireless connection by the populous.

Mobile broadband refers to a high speed internet connection provided by a cellular company such as a tethered cell phone or a cellular network card. Wireless broadband is a high speed connection typically provided by a land line attached to a wireless router.

Wireless broadband service is a wireless internet system. It can be yours or someone elses.

Instal a wireless card in your computer. Cheers You can also install a wireless router. If your computer is already wireless capable, then all you need is a Wireless Broadband connection. Most cable Internet services have a wireless option and all you really need is a wireless router connected to any high speed Internet connection.

There are many companies that provide broadband Internet wireless services. It all depends on your location. One can look up the companies online based on your location. Or, for example, one can go to a local T-mobile store because they provide broadband Internet wireless services. Connect provides wireless broadband connection at same price as wired broadband connection and also provides 4Mbps speed of internet. With connect you can do unlimited downloading after the activation of your internet plan. So connect is best company for providing wireless inetrnet services.

The speed of an individual broadband wireless internet connection in the UK depends on the hardware provided for supporting the connection, as well as the internet package selected that serves the connection. If one is willing to invest in the necessary hardware and plans, one can get download speeds of up to 7.2 mbps.

Wired broadband is a broadband connection made with a cable. With a wireless connection, a cable is unnecessary.

PS3 has the ability to have a wireless connection or a wired connection to the internet. It does not have wireless internet, you must purchase a broadband internet service. Many people already have broadband internet service for a PC and need a router to allow them to connect the PS3. A router will allow two or more items to be connected to the internet service. A wireless router will allow them to connect wirelessly if they both have a wireless connection capability like the PS3 and also allow them to be connected with an ethernet cable for a wired connection.

As much as your home broadband internet connection and a wireless router.

There are several benefits of using a BT broadband wireless internet connection. One benefit is that a person has unlimited access to one of the world's largest wi-fi networks from BT Wi-Fi.

Wireless broadband is technology that provides high-speed wireless Internet. it can be used while moving or any where were it's range takes. its costly compared to other but is good and fast

Wiis can hook up to the Internet by either using a broadband connection or setting the Wii up to hook to a wireless router.

I am sick and tired of the slow connection speed of my internet connection. I also would like to go wireless so I can use my laptop in different rooms of my house. What are the good wireless broadband services in my area?

Yes, broadband wireless in available in a few of the cities in CO, Bennett is one of the cities which it is available

Cable/phoneline---->Cable/Dsl Modem---->Wireless Broadband router

In order to set up a home wireless internet connection, you must have broadband service and a wireless router. After connecting your router, use your computer and the router's instructions to set up your network.

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