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Recently my girlfriend broke up with me for her ex from two years ago. I tried to just let her go, but she still wants to talk to me. And, I don't want to let her go, I want to win her back. The guy is a jerk I can already tell. She tells me to call her and if he's not there it's fine and we talk, but if he is there he answers her phone an tells me not to call back. He knew I was her boyfriend and yet he kept going after her. She is the love of my life and I am so lost without her. She says it's over, but she says little things that lead me to believe otherwise. I asked her if she still loved me and she said "Yes, but I can't say that to you anymore." And, she says she still wants me to send her the letters I've written her, love letters. She works hard to make sure we stay in touch, but I just don't understand it. She is the woman who has made me a better man just for loving her. She always put a smile on my face when I never thought I could have a smile on my face. Before I met her I didn't know I could ever love someone so much. Before I met her I didn't know what I wanted and my heart was lost. When we met it was a romance that snowballed up until about a month ago. Then she stopped talking to me all of the sudden. Then I tried to call her about a week ago and she answered and told me what happened. She's 2000 miles away so I can't just go up to her and kiss her and tell her how I truly feel. I never knew I loved her so much until she was gone. What do I do? well i think you need to respect yourself. she will ruin your life. you can not play with someone else woman. she is creating a triangle and she wants to have plan b. do you want to be plan b?

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Q: How do you win back the long distance love of your life?
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Is it possible to get an ex boyfriend back if you to are long distance apart?

anything is possible, distance is just a test to see how long love can travel

Any idea to what you will do if you get your love back?

If I got the love of my life back, I would kiss her passionately for a long time and have a long talk with her about our future as a couple.

When was Love Long Distance created?

Love Long Distance was created on 2009-09-13.

Do long distance marriages work?

I think if you love someone enough to be married to them, then distance is not a problem. If you love them enough, you will survive that distance.

How do you prove your love for him although you both in long distance relationship?

send him selfies, tell him/her your true feelings and see if he/she texts back

Why do woman distance themselves after they say they love you?

because they are afraid you might not love them back

How can love be?

Long distance. Rough

What does Amor De Lejos es Amor De Pendejos mean in English?

Long-distance love affairs are for fools. Long-distance love affairs are for fools.

How can you win back the love of your life?

show them that you'll fight for the love .

Taurus man when in love in a long distance relationship?

being a Taurus in a long distance relationship will not work. Need attention and affection.

How do I get the love of my life back?

Tell him or her how you feel about them.

The best song for long distance relationships?

love story

As i look back over my life i can see how your love has guided me?

You should be able to look back and see how that love has effected you and your life and be thankful for what it's brote you

How do you tell a girl that you will never hear from again you love her?

When you love someone you should always tell them. If possible try to sit down with her in private; look into her eyes and tell her you love her and even though you will not hear from her again she will always remain in your heart. If this is a long distance relationship; break up or she doesn't love you back you should still tell her and then move forward in your life.

What do you do when the person you are in love with does not love you back?

=Move on with your life. There are more fish in the sea.=

Where does the saying i love you to the moon and back come from?

Cuz its the farthest distance in the universe

What are the chances of a long distance relationship?

The Chances are very high, if both you and your partner like each other that much to beable to go out. I've had a long distance relationship. i live in London but my ex lives in Australia. and i still love him to bits now and if i could, i would get back to him, but they do get hard. it depends on the distance really.

What if someone says they love you and you are perfect for them but break up with you because of long distance even though they still love you And then get back with their ex were you a rebound?

yes that person is really dumb for braking up when they still love u. are you sure he/she REALLY loves you??

How do you get your girlfriend back if the only true reason of breaking up of an amazing and shared love story was she feared a long distance relationship?

Save yourself the time and don't.

Ow do you get back your ex-boyfriend back in your love life even though he is married now?

"How do you get back with your ex-boyfriend back in your love life even though he is married now? You don't. You leave him alone - he's a married man.

What do you do when you love someone and they hate you?

you can't force them to love you back.. you can only love them in a distance. if you do, you will be doing him/her a favor, but it will be very difficult in your part... that's loving:((

If you love someone and you break up with him is 5 months too long to get back together?

there is no limit to when you can go back out with someone as long as you both love each other then you can

Does long distance love work?

It is harder then a traditional relationship. It can be made to work.

What if you love someone who lives in a different state and she loves you to?

then you have a long distance relationship.

What is Dear John about?

it's about young love and how it is affected by long distance relationships.