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What kind of pool..(in ground)...? Drain all water from hoses & lines.... especially the filter motor........if in may have to blow out the under ground lines....and add non-toxic anti-freeze...let a professional do this.....above ground.....lower water level to 2ft.

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Q: How do you winterize a pool?
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What happens if you do not winterize your pool?

I did not winterize my pool this year, I am planning on draining it.

How much does it cost to winterize a swimming pool?

Most services charge between $250 and $400 to come out and winterize your pool.

How do you winterize a pool sand filter?

Drain it.

How do you close an inground pool for the winter?

yes you do close the pool actually you call the buliders of the pool and ask them when it is time to winterize it.

How do you winterize an in-ground saltwater swimming pool?

To make sure it doesn't crystallize?

How do you winterize a in-ground salt water swimming pool?

Go to the link below for the info you require.

How do you Winterize an above ground saltwater pool?

This is a link I found to be useful. I have an above ground saltwater pool. Good luck.

What to do if pool pump breaks during freezing weather?

what do you mean the pump broke? as froze and busted? If so just winterize the pool and replace it next season unless you use the pool during the winter.

What kind of in-ground swimming pool maintenance is needed over winter in cold climates?

To winterize your inground swimming pool, first backwash the filter, and then disconnect the pump. Purchase winterizing chemicals for the pool water, and be sure to use a pool cover.

How do you winterize bonsai?

to winterize a bonsai the temperature must reach a certain level and stay there for a certain period of time, this will cause the plant to winterize

If you did not use your sprinkler system do you need to Winterize it?

winterize it only if you want it to work in the future

What do you need to do to close your pool if you plan to switch from Baquacil to chlorine when you open it next spring?

Just winterize it as usual. In the spring, drain the sucker and refill it. The conversion isn't worth the hassle.

How do you spell winterize?

That is the correct US spelling of the term "winterize" (make ready for colder weather). The UK spelling is winterise.

Do you need a lic to winterize a water heater?


You are scheduled to winterize the pool next week but wont use the pool from now on so can you turn off the pool pump now to save on running costs?

Sure you can turn off the pool pump, the water won't be circulating anymore but since you are not using the pool it does not matter. Make sure the outside temperature is above freezing until winterizing because non moving water freezes earlier than moving water. Here is my blog on how I handle my pool: http: //

What are the release dates for The Willis Report - 2011 Winterize Your Car?

The Willis Report - 2011 Winterize Your Car was released on: USA: 10 December 2013

How do you Winterize polaris waverunner?

2 bags of concrete

What do you need to winterize a saltwater pool?

Run pool filter and pump for 1 hour, to allow chemicals to circulate. Drain the water to skimmer level. Install the pool cover and secure it by tie downs or water bags. Set the pool filter to winter button and if it does not have one keep it to neutral. Open the filter and allow draining out of water and leave the cover open to let moisture evaporate.Plug off and drain the pump, and suck out the remaining water.

How do you winterize an e tech motor?

you go to it and throw it away

How do you winterize 200 mercury efi?

Follow the link for the steps.

What are the steps to Winterize a Yamaha 115 four stroke 4 cylinder outboard motor mfg 0905 for northern Minnesota?

winterize 2013 yamaha 4 stroke twin jet boat

What is the freezing water temperature for a gunite pool and at what point do I need to heat the pool to prevent plaster damage?

Plaster pools are pretty robust, and have virtually no issues freezing for short periods of time. If you are in a climate that stays frozen (for more than a day, like Central Florida) then you want to winterize the pool. A quick Google search should yield good answers as to how.

How do you winterize a jet ski?

How do you winterize irrigation system?

Drain the water and put antifreeze in the pipes

How do you Winterize an Outboard Motor?

At revealed lots of possible answers.