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How do you wire CD player into 1991 ford explorer?

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i took mine to car toys

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Will a 1991 ford explorer transfer case fit a 1997 explorer?

Yes it will but the front drive line will be different and the wire harness is different

What is the color for the memory wire for 1997 ford explorer?

what color is the memory wire on a 1997 ford explore

1991 Ford relay starter?

I need how to wire relay for 1991 ford mustang.

A radio wire harness diagram for a 2000 Ford Explorer?

I would like to find a diagram for the car radio speaker wires on a 2000 ford explorer

Where is the vss wire on a 2008 Ford Explorer for a Navigation system?

check the windshield washer motor like on the 2007 ford explorer and expedition and most pickup's.

What color is the wire for the reverse light on an 2002 ford explorer?


What are wire harness color codes for a 96 ford explorer?

mazda 323 wire harness color codes

How do you wire speakers in a 2000 ford explorer? factory wiring color codes

What color wire is the remote wire when using an amp with a factory radio in a 2005 ford explorer?

it is the blue with a white stipe

How do you connect a Pioneer radio in a 1994 Ford Explorer?

== == == == == == Go To Autozone And Get A Wire Harnes For It

Where is the Location of the factory alarm in a 98 ford explorer?

The location of the factory alarm on a 1998 Ford Explorer is in the driver's door. The alarm can be disarmed by grounding the dark green/purple wire found in the driver's side kick panel wire pack.

Will a 1992 4.0 Ford Explorer motor and transmission fit in a 1988 Ford Ranger with a 2.9?

It will if you change the wire harness,the complete wire harness.Done many of these conversions and you need a complete wire harness front to back and the computer

Why does the reset button fuel pump of ford explorer pop out?

could be a bad wire in your engine harness

What is wrong when a 1991 Ford e150 tails lights work only intermittently?

loose wire?

Where can i find the wire colors on a 2005 ford ranger radio CD player?

You can find the 2005 Ford Ranger radio CD player wire color codes in most service manuals. The wire colors are associated as follows; the positive wire is red, the black wire is the ground, the green and yellow wires are speaker wires, and the white wire is the auxiliary wire.

What wires are what in stereo wiring harness on 91 Eddie Bauer ford explorer?

In a 1991 Ford Explorer, the car radio battery constant 12v+ wire is light green/yellow, the radio accessory switched 12v+ wire is yellow/black, the ground wire is red or black, the illumination wire is orange/black, the dimmer wire is light blue/red, and the amp trigger wire is blue. For the front speakers, the left front speaker wire (+) is orange/light green, the left front speaker wire (-) is light blue/white, the right front speaker wire (+) white/light green,and the right front speaker wire (-) is pink/light green. For the rear speakers, the left rear speaker wire (+) is pink/light green, the left rear speaker wire (-) is tan/yellow, the right rear speaker wire (+) is orange/red, and the right rear speaker wire (-) is black/white.

Alarm kill switch location on a 2000 ford explorer?

is it in the key itself without the key you can't hot wire the car can you.

Where are the speed sensors on a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Speed sensors are allways installed on the transmission. Find the wire plug 99% that's it !

How do add another cigarette lighter in Ford Explorer?

yes y not you can add a new one just wire it to the bat and fuse it

What color wires go to ford explorer fuel pump?

The wire colors that go to a Ford Explorer fuel pump are generally yellow and black but vary based on the model and year. Color coding the wires makes them easier to locate and connect correctly.

How do you replace a camshaft positioning sensor on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

unplug wire remove 2 7/32 bolts remove sensor

2002 ford explorer alarm system goes off by itself?

If your 2002 Ford Explorer alarm system goes off by itself, you probably have a wire that is exposed or a connection that is not completely closed. Check all wires for the alarm system and reset the system itself.

How do you install an aftermarket stereo in a 1996 Ford Explorer Sport if the speaker wire harness has been cut off?

go to your local ford garage ask then to photo copy the radio wire harness out of the 1996 evtm book it will tell you what wires are what if you have one wire that is metal braded that is for the amp that will need to be repaired get the wire from the local auto yard and have it in stalled

Fuel management wiring diagram for a 1991 ford f150 5.0 efi?

fuel pump connector hot wire

How do you wire a aftermarket stereo in a 1996 Ford Explorer Sport if factory speaker wire harness has been cut off?

See "Related Questions" and "Related Links" below for radio wiring diagrams.

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