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How do you work a magic brain calculator?

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use your brain. and if that doesnt work, theres this thing called a calculator (:

Being able to work without a calculator will give you a deeper understanding of maths and arithmetic, and the methods (either using your brain or on paper) used to reach a correct answer. A calculator won't show you how to work the calculation, but will give an answer at the touch of a button or two. It is best to learn without a calculator first, before relying on a calculator.

With a calculator or their brain.

Probably nothing, except make your life much easier. If you prefer to do more work and have plenty of time, then feel free to use a calculator, paper, and your brain.

Same like our fingers, brains of people are different from each other. Not everyone's brain work efficiently so, the world would be worse without a calculator. Calculator makes calculations much easier.

The very first calculator ever used could be an abicus, an electronic calculator, or even your brain. The first calculator invented was the abacus.

The size of the human brain?

To make your brain work I am going to tell you how to figure it out: Multiply 1000000*0.10. Your computer may have a calculator.

does it have graph calculator

use a calculator, or if your smart your brain:)

does magic kack work wirelessly

A vehicle loan calculator helps you to work out your monthly repayments. You choose the vehicle value or loan amount and the length period of the loan. Then the calculator will work out your monthly payments.

No, because the calculator is solared power so which means that the calculator will only work in a room that has light or it can also work outside during the day when the sun is out

It was invented in China? Think if its that hard.Use your brain..

Computer can work as a calculator and also as a video game, word processor, communicating device etc.etc. Calculator can be only a calculator.

computer can do a large amount of work but calculator can do simple amount of work. computer can do large calculations while a calculator can do only small calculations.

It is not magic it is hard work :D

It is not magic . Your brain send a message to your ear with a little shockwave. But it doesn't hurt you.

Find a calculator or use your brain! And without a decimal, no. should have one, check the sidebar on the left.

No. Magic spells are not real and do not work. You can not use magic spells for anything. It will NOT work.

No. There is no such thing as magic.

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