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How do you write a best man speech?

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Three people are expected to give wedding day speeches.The Best Man (Groomsman), the Groom, the Father of the Bride. There can be others.If you are one of these three be prepared to put serious effort into what you say. I implore you: do not try to 'wing it' on the day. That's a guaranteed recipe for an embarrassing disaster.Look for help on the Internet, especially if the wedding is very soon. Like tomorrow!One good value site I found offers very satisfactory wedding speeches at For $10 the package includes draft speeches for the three people mentioned above. You just fill real people's names into the gaps; add your own anecdotes and stories and - presto - one wedding day speech.Anyone who is not a polished speechmaker should buy a ready-made wedding speech template.Tip: Three minutes speaking can feel like eternity. But if you thank all the right people, make the right positive acknowledgements and end on an uplifting note (usually "Please join me in a toast to - - - ") then you've done a good job.St Martins Old Bay>>>It's not a speechIt's a toast, not a speech. Don't write a speech. People don't want to hear it. Except maybe your mother. There are plenty of good ideas for toasting the bride and groom on the web. All you need to do is personalize them a bit. Just Google "wedding toast." AnswerSit down and think of things about the special couple. How they met. Their favorite thing to do together. Things that they do together well, etc. If you are talented you can make the speech rhyme. Here's an easy one to say.

Today two people that we all know and love are making there union offical from above From this day forward they will be man and wife and begin to live a truly wonderful life. Today as their best man, I am here to say that their love will last forever and a day. ________ & _________ Best wishes from me to you. Bring your glass in the air when you say the last sentence to get the whole room involved in the toast and give the bride a kiss on the cheek and shake the grooms hand. Let me know how it goes. Just rewrite faqfarm with "Do you want to know how the best man speech went."?

Something short and sweet like this will tug at the heart strings of all. Good luck. P.S. You can use this one if you want or tweak it any way you wish.

AnswerYou can also talk about a couple of funny things you did together with the groom and say something like, "Well Dan, I don't know how you landed a beautiful wife like ______, but here's wishing you both the very best in the future."


You can also spice up your best man wedding speech with anecdotes, wedding jokes, quotes and one-liners. If you are a good enough speaker t's a good idea to make your speech sound funny but make sure you practice and work with your speech at least a few times prior to the wedding date.

You will need to say a few words about the groom but keep it simple and don't get offensive. Always mention the bride !! The following site has all the resources you need, it is what I used for myu speech

There are many speech websites out there but a word of warning, if you see a website littered with spelling mistakes then that would not instill confidence for their speech writing ability.

Unexpected gifts are certain to get loud ovations so consider hiding gifts for the Pageboy and Flowergirl and then giving them to them as part of your speech.

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The best man gives the speech at the wedding reception.

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When is the groom's speech given?

I don't think there is any protocol for that - as a rule, the groom doesn't give a speech - the best man does.

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If you're going to be the Best Man and give the Best Man's speech, give one that sounds as if you DO agree with the wedding. If you can't do that, ask the groom to find another Best Man. Don't ruin your friend's wedding.

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Usually (in the UK at least), we have the bride and groom and related family members, and the Best Man. It is the Best Man (or Woman) who introduces speakers, and also gives a speech, along with a speech from the Father of the Bride. There is usually no mention of a chairman (or woman)!

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