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How do you write a report on risk factors in the office?

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September 12, 2007 12:57PM

First decide what type of report, which has to do with why you are writing the reposrt, and who will use it: is it a historical view of office accidents that have occured or dangers to office workers? Is it a statistical view? Is it a discussion of possibilities someone opening an office should look out for?

Collecting information that's already available will be your next step. Then using your imagination to put yourself into the reader's mind, organize your information and your thoughts to give the reader as clear a view as possible.

You could organize by risk categories: for instance,

"Physical risks to people" could include fires, the ceiling falling in, falling off a ladder when hanging a picture or changing a ightbulb, etc. In some settings, it could include random violence by an intruder, or something equally strange like a car driving off the road and through the front window.

"Physical risks to property" could include floods, vandalism, theft, overheating that could ruin equipment like computers -- anything that can harm property.

"Personnel problems" could include several employees being out sick or on maternity leave at the same time so the office isn't functioning well, or poor management resulting in low morale an poor productivity.

"Fraud" includes everything from having some employee embezzle all the profits, to some employee leaking valuable secrets about how your product is made.

For each of your risk categories, you could expand your discussion based on the different types of risk associated with different types of offices: small, large, family-owned, corporate, rural, urban, medical, government-based, etc.