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How do zombies attack?

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Zombies attack by feeding on human brains. In many Video Games and films, (e.g. Call of Duty WAW: Nazi zombies) they are seen using physical violence. Before this, the story was zombies fed on peoples brains. So you can choose which choice you think zombies attack!

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No. They can't attack anywhere. There are no such things as zombies.

If we are , there will be millions becoming undead to attack us

Zombies is a very special feature that allows endless waves of zombies to attack you, so no it never ends!

Zombies eat people, not other zombies. That's the simple reality.

It depends. The people who turn into zombies all have unique traits about them. If a person is hostile, they're zombie will be too. All zombies are hostile although they rarely attack each other. They're driven by lust for human and animal flesh. Zombie flesh holds no allure for zombies. In fact it's poison to them and may cause them to expire. The only time zombies attack each other is when opposing magical forces control their own zombie army and order them to attack their rival.

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Because they want to eat your brains..... if you have any

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Yes, in one million years if an infection is made.

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Watch AMC's The Walking Dead and take notes.

Just attack them with fists, a sword, or a bow and arrow.

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Not according to George A Romero as in the film the Land of the Dead. Zombies attack the last reamining city through the river. X

The zombies are a suprise weapon you can use to attack enemies.

Yes yes and triple yes! It doesnt matter what kind of zombie they are (undead, infected or rage fueled) they will always attack.

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