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How does Belgium's government work?



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Well, here's what I understand about the Belgian government;

Belgium always ended up being the victims of imperialism, and so was always at war. Then they decided that they wanted independence, so Belgium was born. However, b/c of the wars, there were different cultures within one country (French, Dutch, & German.) So to cater to them, 3 new separate governments were formed which each control 1 of the 3 regions in Belgium & have just as much power as the central Belgian government. They are Flanders (Dutch), Brussels (French & Dutch), and Wallonia (French.) The German speaking people are a minority, so they don't get a region, and that's where 3 other governments come in. These are called the "commmunities" which are French, Dutch, & German. Their governments can only assist the people who are of that identity, and whose region identifies as well. Ex. The French community in Wallonia can't help the 300,000 French people in Flanders b/c that's a Dutch region. (I have to answer in 2 answers, see discussion)