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How does Blue tongue disease spread?

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Bluetongue is an Orbivirus which is spread by Culicoides species (biting midges) from animal to animal.

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Which animal has a blue tongue?

There are blue-tongued lizards, and also two dogs, the Chow and the shar-pei, which has blue tongues.Giraffe has a blue tongue naturally but Blue tongue is also a disease condition of cattle,buffalo in which colour of tongue changes from red to blue.the lizard and the chow

What does nonpathologic mean?

Nonpathologic means not disease-causing or not related to disease. For instance, a non-pathologic blue tongue may be the result of eating blue Jolly Rancher candy.

Disease of the tongue?


How many blue tongue lizards are there?

They are 10 blue-tongue lizardsexample:blue- tongue skink

Can you house bearded dragons and blue tongue lizards together?

No they will have many fights that can lead to disease or death

What is the difference between blue tailed and blue tongue lizards?

the blue tailed dosent have a blue tongue and the blue tongue lizard hasn't got a blue tail. :)

What is a contagion?

A contagion is either a disease spread by contact, the spread of such a disease, or the spread of anything harmful, as if it were a disease.

What causes blue under the tongue?

blue vanes, blue under the tongue i have it too

What is the medical term meaning any disease of the tongue?

Glossopathy means any disease of the tongue.

What does the blue-tongued lizards tongue do?

the blue tongue lizard uses its tongue as a defense mechanism. When a predator sees the blue tongue it thinks the lizard is poisonous, when it isn't.

Do Macaque monkeys spread disease?

Macaque monkeys do indeed spread disease. These animals spread a harsh disease known as monkeypox.

Were do blue tongue lizards live?

blue tongue lizards live in burows

What Australian reptile has a long blue tongue?

blotched blue tongue lizard

What dog breeds have blue tongue?

The Chow Chow is known to have a blue tongue.

What is the shape of the blue tongue virus?

The Shape of the Blue tongue virus is a sphere.

Will a full grown blue tongue attack a baby blue tongue?

no it won't

When did Blue Tongue Entertainment end?

Blue Tongue Entertainment ended in 2011.

What is a blue-tongue?

A blue-tongue is another term for the blue-tongued lizard, any of several species of Australian skinks in the genus Tiliqua.

How can disease spread?

i believe that a disease cant spread because it is not contagious

Can sloths spread disease?

Any infected creature can spread disease.

What are insects that spread disease?

Name three insect that spread disease

What doctor studies the spread of disease?

An Epidemiologist studies the spread of disease.

What Australian reptile has a blue tongue?

The blue-tongued skink is most distictive for its bright blue tongue.

What animal other than the blue tongue lizard has a blue tongue?

the blue tonged macaroni penguin

What are the symptoms of a blue tongue?

Bluetongue disease is a non-contagious and insect-borne disease of ruminants, mainly sheep and less frequently cattle, goats, buffalo, and deer.It is caused by the Bluetongue virus (BTV).Major signs are high fever, excessive salivation, swelling of the face and tongue and cyanosis of the tongue. Swelling of the lips and tongue gives the tongue its typical blue appearance, though this sign is confined to a minority of the animals. Nasal symptoms may be prominent, with nasal discharge and stertorous respiration.