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1) Substitute foods for healthier things. For example, instead of cocoa puff choose special K. Another BIG thing is do not let them eat the school lunch; pack their lunch instead. 2) Get involved in sports and don't let them quit. Making simple healthy strides will make a dramatic difference. Don't try to jump right in, or their weight will greatly fluctuate. A 12 year old can lose weight by being more active and by staying away from sugar, flour and any type of bread including pancake, cake and other things that fall in to that group and to eat at least one grapefruit a day and lots of boil chicken. Exercise and eat healthy foods. Less time sitting around and munching on chips. However, you're still growing so don't be too stressed out most of that weight will be displaced soon. As long as you can run up a flight of stairs and still breath your probably going to be okay.

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Q: How does a 12-year-old lose weight?
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