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How does a 15 year old girl make herself look pretty to impress a boy she likes?

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2011-09-12 21:22:17

Well if you are on a date with him already, improve your school

outfit and hair by using some gloss (peachy pink?) and eyeliner,

dazzle ur outfit a little bit but DO NOT go all out, he asked you

out because he likes the way you look @ school and he likes you. if

not on a date yet, try grinning in the hall so he notices (don't

overkill :)) and use your signiture purfume 2 mark him. that means

no one else can take him, it's like putting a guy on reserve.


What the person above me said isn't even helpful to me. This is

what I do, I wear a little bit of makeup, like eye liner, mascara,

coverup, and sometimes lip gloss. Don't wear lip gloss if your not

into it. Also I would talk to him, and be your self around him..

that's what i do and i am really good friends with the guy i

like... Hope I helped!

no for me that is not helpful. i really need help please improve

the answer above to help me i think he likes me but im not sur if

he sees me as a freind or a girlfriend.

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