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Well if you are on a date with him already, improve your school outfit and hair by using some gloss (peachy pink?) and eyeliner, dazzle ur outfit a little bit but DO NOT go all out, he asked you out because he likes the way you look @ school and he likes you. if not on a date yet, try grinning in the hall so he notices (don't overkill :)) and use your signiture purfume 2 mark him. that means no one else can take him, it's like putting a guy on reserve. Helpful????

What the person above me said isn't even helpful to me. This is what I do, I wear a little bit of makeup, like eye liner, mascara, coverup, and sometimes lip gloss. Don't wear lip gloss if your not into it. Also I would talk to him, and be your self around him.. that's what i do and i am really good friends with the guy i like... Hope I helped!

no for me that is not helpful. i really need help please improve the answer above to help me i think he likes me but im not sur if he sees me as a freind or a girlfriend.

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What kind of girl does Princeton like?

I think that princeton likes a girl who is mindless,has a good style,believes in herself and a girl who is pretty.

How to impress a girl in facebook-?

You, have to know what a specific girl likes so that you align your posts with what she likes most.

How does a Virgo girl impress a Virgo guy?

By being herself.

How do you impress a girl who hates me?

There has to be a reason she 'hates' you. Do something she likes doing, impress her, show her you have something in common, prove her wrong.

What do you do when you like a girl and she doesnt like you?

Find another girl that you like that DOES like you.

How do you impress a 15 years old girl?

To impress any girl of any age, you must treat her with respect and kindness. To really impress a girl you have to show her you were thinking about her and went the extra mile. For example, if she mentions a band she really likes make her a CD. Also, compliments impress girls.

How does a guy act when he likes a girl?

he starts to act happier and more athletic to impress her

What does it mean if a girl says that you impress her?

It means she likes you. She admires your character and is wowed by your talents.

How do you impress girl for kiss?

Tell her you like her and if she likes you back, she may kiss you. If not, accept it.

How can you tell if an outgoing girl likes you?

you know if a girl likes you if she tries to impress you, make you laugh, or try to talk to you a lot. i know this cuz im a girl. i have a boy in my class that i like

How do you impress a girl with a wonder-full comment?

i myself am a girl who has been in relationships because of being flattered...if the girl you like is goofy like me just have lunch with her and impress her by saying (if she likes to draw) that she will be a picasso. be original.

This girl says I have pretty eyes does she like me?

Just because a girl thinks you have pretty eyes does not mean she likes you. It could just mean that she likes your eyes.

How can you impress a girl that likes somebody else?

a:forget about her b:tell her how u feel about her c:try and be better than the boy she likes d:act cool

How do you get a stuck up girl to talk to you?

try and impress her or find out wat she likes to do and and try and make a conversation out of it

How does a black girl impress a white guy?

If he likes black girls there should be no problem just be yourself

How do you know if a girl likes you and how do you impress her?

If you look at her body language it will tell you if you dont know how just ask her out.

How can you tell if a guy likes you but he has a girl friend?

He pays more attention to you than his girlfriend and try's to impress you

How do you impress a girl with gifts?

Trust me, I am a girl, it is easy to impress a girl with gifts. If you like a guy and she likes you she WILL be impressed. If you aren't sure she likes you and you aren't the most popular-est guy, she may act like you are weird when you give her the gift, if shes with her friends, but she really may like you, it's hard to tell.

How to tell an older girl you like her?

Ask what she likes and talk about everything about her and impress her by doing stuff she likes and ask her if she wants to do something later. Its as simple as that.

How do you get a girl if she already said no?

If you want to get a girl you have to impress her by changing on what type of guy she likes then be that way and dont forgett the style as well and the attatude.

What should a 14 year old boy do to impress a 14 year old girl and get her to be his girlfreind?

Emulate the qualities she likes. Be smart if she likes smart, be funny if she likes funny, be strong if she likes strong.

What does Justin likes in a girl?

He likes a girl that has a good sense of humour, a good smile, pretty eyes, and a girl that doesn't wear to much makeup.

What kind of girl do jacob likes?

a girl who is funny herself a girl who has a nice smile a girl with class that doesn't cuss

How do you get a girl to like you when she likes someone else?

You try to impress her as much as you can and most importsntly be sweet girls love that.

What should you do if the girl you like likes someone else?

You shoud try to impress her and most of all be sweet and kind to her.