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How does a biologist define wood?

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they define it by the appearance or the structure of the wood.

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Define heart wood and sap wood?

Heart is older inner wood.

Is a marine biologist and a fishery biologist the same?

A marine biologist

What is a sentence with the word biologist in it?

i want to become a Biologist. Great biologist never strop learning.

What is the job of an aquatic biologist?

I am a Environmental Biologist but specialize in fisheries. I would define a aquatic biologist as one that studies the aquatic environment and its habitat and fisheries within that environment. It requires experience with conducting research (designing, coordinating and conducting research), report writing and giving presentations. Each aquatic biologist woudl specialize in their own area (ie. research, invertebrates, fisheries, water characteristics, phytoplankton, etc...). Hope this helps.

What is a sentence using the word biologist?

The biologist was studying biology. The biologist was really bored. The biologist got fired. The really dumb biologist hit his head when he was little.

What is a refuge biologist?

a fefuge biologist is a biologist who helps save animal that are hurt

What is antonym for biologist?

A biologist is a 'life scientist'.

What does a biologist wear?

biologist wear labcoats

How do you use a sentence with biologist?

This is my biologist cousin, Jane. Rachel Carson was an American marine biologist and conservationist.

Who are the Philippine's biologist?

there are many biologist in every part of every country there is not just one main biologist

Whom can determine what type of mold you have a biologist or an micro biologist?

a micro biologist can detirmine this type of mold

Famous foreign biologist?

who are the famous foreign biologist ?

Who is a famous wildlife biologist?

10 most biologist

What kind of biologist was Rachel Carson?

A Marine Biologist

How does a biologist define life?

Life is a form of matter capable of metabolism, growth, reproduction, response to stimuli, and adaptation to the environment. Earth is the only planet known to support life.

Is Jane Goodall a Biologist?

Jane Goodall is not a biologist. She is a ethologist, anthropologist, primatologist, and UN Messenger of Peace but not a biologist.

Can you be a marine biologist with out being in the marines?

a marine biologist is just a biologist that works in the water and has nothing to do with being in the marines. so yes you can be a marine biologist without being in the marines.

What does an animal biologist do?

An animal biologist studies the life of animals

What is a plant biologist?

I would imagine that a plant biologist is a botanist.

What is the demand for a marine biologist?

Marine biologist is high in demand.

Who was the fist biologist?

Aristotle is actually known to be the very first biologist. He was credited with being the first biologist in the western tradition.

When was the 1st wood-burning stove invented?

If we define a wood burning stove as an appliance that has a firebox and is attached to a chimney, then the first stove was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1741.

What is wood stumpage?

Is the amount of wood measured in cubic meters (m3) of cubic feet (cu.ft) of the main log of a standing tree. Used to define how much wood for industrial use exists in a given forest (natural or planted).

Who are the PILIPINO biologist?

Filipino biologist and identity there coutribion to the feld of biology

What job does a female biologist have?

Exactly the same as a male biologist has, they are biologists.